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Advanced Video Editing & VFX - Hitech Academy

Why You Should Learn Video Editing

Video is one of the most powerful, and now most common, forms of communication in the digital age. Even mobile devices are equipped to shoot high-quality video, which brings this technology into the grasp of the general public. However, without the crucial editing step, even the clearest video will seem unfinished to viewers. No matter what your situation or professional goals, learning advanced video editing will enable you to put the final polish on your video work.

For Filmmakers

Advanced video editing is a crucial skill for filmmakers. Being able to put the final touches on your film without relying on outside help keeps you in control of the ultimate look and feel of your work. Learning how to shoot on green screen and then fill in the background later can bring your vision into reality without breaking your budget. Even if you are shooting on location, no film is complete without some amount of editing and visual effects (VFX). Learning these skills hands-on at Hi-Tech gives you an edge that a virtual course could never provide. Hi-Tech’s courses prepare you for working on your own projects, or as part of a larger team in a production house.

For Brands

In-house skills in the field of video editing can be a great boost for your brand. Videos are known to garner more attention than simple text on social media, sometimes going viral and generating more awareness for a brand than paid advertising would. However, without advanced video editing skills, the videos your brand produces on its own may end up looking amateurish, and not be shared as much. Once your firm becomes proficient in VFX, you may decide to create your own, professional video advertisements and presentations instead of hiring a firm.

For Freelancers

Imagine being able to offer your customers advanced video editing services, in addition to your current offerings. With some basic equipment and a certificate from Hi-Tech, you can enhance your clients’ social media posts, create instructional manuals for their customers and enrich their “About Us” pages. You can even create stunning videos to help them organize a successful crowdfunding project.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn VFX, there is no better place to learn than Kolkata, and Hi-Tech Animation’s state-of-the-art facilities, where you can get the feel for working in a full-fledged film-production house. You will receive real-world instruction and training, You will learn to use Adobe programs, such as Photoshop and Premiere, as well as subjects like color correction, aesthetics, 3D integration, rotoscoping, and much more.