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Advanced Video Editing & VFX - Hitech Academy

Why You Must Learn VFX For A Better Career


VFX or visual effects have changed the entire scenario of the entertainment industry. Gone are the days, when the special effects of a movie looked shabby or unreal. Today, with the help of VFX software, anything can be created on the screen. VFX is a set of software used to create difficult or unrealistic scenes in a movie, animated series or a television show. It is one of the trending job options for today`s younger generation.


The reasons for learning VFX for a better career are:

  • It is the current hot job profile which is in huge demand. The students with a degree in this course get placed very easily. Getting placed is the most important thing for any student`s career. The demand for VFX related works are increasing day by day. So, there is no dearth of job opportunities. There are many international projects which are outsourced to India creating job opportunities again. The media and entertainment industry is quite dependent on VFX for completing their work. So, for the next decade or so, the future of VFX looks good and promising.
  • The salary offered is another major attraction for the current generation. Most of the companies involved pay good salaries. Getting handsome salary package right after the completion of the course enables them to pay off their student loan easily.
  • Another reason is that a VFX artist can work according to his schedule or mood. In other words, he can freelance. It gives him an added option of taking up as many projects he can and helps him earn good money. He can be choosy and select only those projects which make excite or challenge him. This helps them in developing as a better VFX artist.
  • Job security is another factor which attracts the students to take up VFX courses. As there is no dearth of VFX jobs currently, job security is there. One doesn’t have to worry about the future of his job while working. This helps the VFX artist in coming up with good quality of work.
  • Last, but not the least it is a creative job. It will suit and attract the persons who are imaginative in nature and want to make different and difficult things possible on the screen. The job satisfaction is quite high, when compared to other fields.


To become a good VFX artist, one has to get a degree from a reputed place. The institute should have good faculties to guide and mentor the students. It should also have a good and updated lab for practical purpose. Hi Tech Animation is the best institute for VFX training in Kolkata.It has a very good placement record which is a must for any institute. Students passing out from this academy are already working in very good companies.