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Advanced Video Editing & VFX - Hitech Academy

What Is The Toughest Part Of A VFX Training Course?


VFX or visual effect is about creating the extraordinary effects, background and such things which are impossible to create in reality. Like other multimedia courses, VFX also deals with some technicalities, which the students find difficult to learn. According to the VFX experts, out of the box thinking and creativity plays an important role in the making of a good VFX editor.

Most of the training parts are involved with the high level of technical aspects of tools and software. This turns out to be quite tedious. It is necessary to stay focussed on what are you learning and how are you doing your practical works. Knowing your subject is important; otherwise you will be misled and won’t understand the core part of VFX.

Most of the students just want to learn everything at one go, but this is not possible with the VFX. You need to start from scratch and be focussed on what you are doing. The main reason why most of the VFX learners find it difficult is that they just want to jump in the race of becoming a VFX artist.


VFX is all about learning new things every day, whether you are a trainee or doing the professional job. If you are not a good learner, then VFX is not your cup of tea and you will never excel in this field. Working on different projects which sometimes lead to boredom and engaging yourself in things which are not that interesting are one of the toughest parts of a VFX training course. Learning VFX will be tough if you are not a good thinker who imagines different things.

During the course, most of the students find it difficult to get accustomed to the new and latest tools used in the concerned job. This hampers the growth of the students enrolled. It is very important to be attentive in the class and take all the notes given by the faculties. The Theory also plays an important role in the course. Most of the students are just listeners. They don’t like asking questions. But, a good VFX person will always ask questions related to the topic or about the scene concerned.

A good institute plays an important role in making the VFX training much easier for the students. Hi-Tech Animation provides one of the finest VFX course in Kolkata and helps the students in achieving their career goal.

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