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What Is The Future Of 3D Animation In India?

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India has come a long way in the field of technology in the recent years and animation is surely one of them.  The use of advanced animation has not only become a part of the film-making process, but also for other sectors. In fact, 3D animation has become one of the most used animation type in almost every industry. This gradual development of this advanced type of animation has made it clear that the future of 3D animation in India is bright.

3D animation is about developing a three dimensional effect of the objects and background on the screen with the help of different tools and animation software. The techniques needed for 3D animation can be learnt at various animation institutes, which offers 3D animation course with the latest and updated curriculum. It should help the students in enhancing their skills and make them ready to become an animation artist.



In the 100 years of Indian cinema, the technology used in the making of a film has also changed a lot. Though, we are still not at par with the 3D animation of the Hollywood, but we can reach that level someday. The recent movies Kochadaiiyaan, Delhi Safari and Chhota Bheem: Himalayan Adventure has proved that Indian cinema has come a long way in the field of technology.

The use of 3D animation is not limited to the film industry anymore. The field of architecture and interior decoration are hiring 3D animators for the development of their design in the 3d animation format. We can easily find that different types of business project and plans are also made in 3D mode. It helps them to showcase their product in a better way and grow their business.

Now, 3D gaming has become common all around the world and many users like this mode of entertainment. Indian medical institutes are also hiring 3D animators for the creation of animated operational or any other medical procedures. These developments in the field of 3D animation in India have clearly shown that its future is bright in the coming years.

3d Modeling Sucilpting

As an animation expert, you need to possess some skills and qualities which are essential for the creation of a 3D animation. You need to be creative and innovative to develop interesting things on the screen. Learning about the tools is also necessary for becoming a successful animator. Hi-Tech Animation provides various animation courses in Kolkata in which you can learn all the aspects of 3D animation. Hi-Tech also provides 100% job guarantee in top entertainment companies.