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VFX Software

Our world has developed a lot in the past two decades as far as the technical aspects are concerned. From creating an animation to giving it a 3D effect, we can create anything we want with the help of a computer software. VFX or visual effects is also a part of a computer software, which helps us to create an imaginary world on the screen. My blog will help you to understand the facts about VFX software and its uses.

What is VFX Software?

There are so many things which cannot be shot by the camera in the real world due to many reasons. With the help of VFX software, a character, an environment, dangerous stunts and other imaginary things can be created, which are not possible in the real world. Initially, the use of VFX software was limited to film making, but due to its importance, its demand has increased a lot in almost every field of entertainment media.

Types of VFX:

There are different types of VFX or Visual Effects, which are currently in use. These are:

  • Matte painting: This type of VFX is about creating an artificial background in such a way that it looks real on the screen. With the help of the VFX, one can easily create an environment which doesn’t exist or is impossible to capture on the camera.
  • Simulation Effects: This effect helps the VFX artist to create a duplicate character or model of a person on the screen in a way which is not possible in the real world. Many Hollywood movies have created such characters in famous films like Matrix, Lord of the Rings etc.
  • Digital FX: This type of VFX is all about creating an environment with the help of some still images and putting it in a film to produce a real scenario or background.
  • Digital Animation: A VFX artist can create a three dimensional effect of an object or animation with the help of Digital Animation.

All these effects are added only in the post production of a film, but a VFX artist has to work along with the director from the beginning of the film. A VFX artist has to analyze a lot of things right from the background, lights, colour to the characters in order to create stunning visual effects in the film.

Due to its huge demand in the entertainment industry, students are taking up VFX as a career. Hi-Tech Animation provides one of the best VFX courses in Kolkata. 100% job guarantee, helpful and experienced mentors make this institute one of the finest place to start your career as a VFX artist.

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