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Types of Animation

Animation has become one of the most important and integral part of the digital media. From creating a cartoon character to advertising a brand, animation plays a vital role in the entertainment media. Animation is an art of entertaining the audiences by creating a character or environment on the computer screen in such a way that it looks real. 2D and 3D are the two types of animation, which have dominated the field of animation in the recent times.

2D Animation: 2D animation is about creating a character, environment and different objects in 2D space on the computer. Our childhood has some great memories of 2D animation cartoons, like Tom & Jerry, The Jungle Book, Mickey Mouse etc. Initially, 2D animation was created by drawing a set of images of a character on the paper, but times have changed now and it has evolved with time.

With the advent of advanced software, 2D animation has become a less time consuming animation. Now, you can create any character along with any environment on the computer screen, which is not possible to enact in the real world. Though 3D animation has become more popular in recent years, the importance of 2D animation hasn’t died down yet. In fact, we have witnessed some famous 2D animated movies, like The Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin etc. Thus, you can still be a part of the entertainment world as a 2D animator.

3D Animation: 3D animation is an advanced type of animation. The digital world has witnessed the arrival of latest techniques and software since the late 1990’s. 3D animation is an example of advanced digitalisation. Unlike 2D animation, this type is all about creating three dimensional effects of almost everything, right from a character to an environment and present it in such a way, to make it real on the computer screen.

The latest software has made 3D animation a more convenient, interesting and less time consuming method of animation. Movies like Kung Fu Panda 3, Minions, The Angry Birds, and The Jungle Book etc. are the finest examples of 3D animation.

Whether you choose 2D or 3D animation as a career, you should keep in mind that only a good institute can help you to achieve your dreams. Hi-Tech Animation is one the best institutes in Kolkata, providing the latest courses in animation. Experienced mentors from the entertainment field, also help the students to learn the advanced techniques of animation. With the promise of 100% job guarantee, you will be placed in the entertainment industry right after the course completion. For more information, visit: http://www.hitechanimation.com/