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Tips To Be A Great Animator

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Animation doesn’t mean creating animated series or movies for children only. Now, the use of animation is being seen in various organisations and fields. In fact, the scope in animation is increasing with the development of technology and its needs in various fields as well. Animation is an art, which needs some inherited as well as technical qualities. In order to become a good animation creator, you have to possess some extraordinary qualities with a fair knowledge of its software and technicalities. These are:

Tips of Animator walk

  • A good sense of humour is a must for the creation of animation. If your animation doesn’t make any sense to the audiences, then all of your efforts will go in vain. Unless your work succeeds to deliver the message, you cannot reach your targeted audiences.
  • Apart from the humour, you should think out of the box as well. Creating animation is an art and an innovative thinker has the ability to think differently from a normal person. A born animator can see small things like a leaf, a bird and other tiny things from a different angle and can create magic with their imaginary world.
  • Patience is an essential quality which can make you a successful animator. Animation is not like sitting on the computer screen and the magic will pop up on the screen. It takes months and years for the creation of a character and can be rejected by the art director, if he doesn’t like your animation.
  • Like I said, animation is an art and in order to be a good animator, your art or drawing should be excellent. You must excel in this quality, otherwise you won’t be able to convert your imagination into reality.
  • You must have the quality to work in a team. Animation is not a creation of a single person. Other experts like an art director, sound artist, story writer and visual artist contribute a lot in the making of animated movies or series. You have to collaborate with each of them for the development of the work.
  • Technical knowledge is a must for an animator for the creation of the animation. You should be aware of different and helpful animation tools for better quality of animation and to get the job done in less time.

Tips of Animator

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