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The Story of Disney


Disney or the Walt Disney Company is an American firm with its headquarter in California, USA. It was founded on 16th October, 1923 by Walt Disney and Roy O.Disney. It is famous for making animated movies and series. It can be called as the animation capital or headquarter of the world. It has given us many unforgettable animated movies and series. It comes second in revenue among all the media collaborations.  It has its movie studio named the Walt Disney Studio and it is one of the largest studios in the American film industry.

Walt Disney created a short film Alice`s Wonderland as early as in 1923. It had many animated characters. He then moved to Hollywood to join his brother Roy O.Disney. They both formed the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio in the same year. Then after a few years, in 1928 Disney drew some sketches and came up with the idea of developing a mouse character. That mouse went on to become the famous Mickey Mouse. Disney`s first sound movie had Mickey Mouse in it. It was named Steamboat Willie.

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Taking the level of animation to another level, Disney released the first animated movie Snow White and the seven Dwarfs in 1937. It took three long years to complete it. It was a huge commercial success and broke all the box office records.  It released many animated films like Pinocchio, Fantasia, Bambi etc. in the 40`s. The revenue declined during the Second World War. In the 50`s, things started to improve quite steadily. The famous and successful animated movies like Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan started the rise of the Disney again.  It formed its own film distribution firm called Buena Vista Distribution.

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Disney conveyed to the world his plan about opening a theme park called the Disneyland. Tragically, Walt Disney died in 1966 and his brother took the charge. The famous Disneyland was inaugurated on 1st October, 1971. Tragedy struck the Disney family again, as Roy Disney died the same year due to a stroke.  Walt Disney continued to make family oriented animated pieces as its target audiences were the kids. Apart from the movies and the theme park, another main source of revenue generation was through merchandising. It is still a big source of income. Not only kids, but even adults buy various Disney merchandise like caps, T-shirts etc. It has got into film production. The level of animation has increased manifold over the decades and is still coming up with better and improved animation stuffs.

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