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2017- The New Age For Visual Effects In Movies

Virtual Reality In Films 2

Visual effects have come a long way in the last couple of years and 2017 is coming up with many more visual effects packed movies. The digital era is in great demand for the escalation of visual effects in the movies. On top of that the technologies are improving day after day resulting in the quality increase of movies that we see. 2016 had some amazing work in the field of visual effects and the next year will just bring in more and more talent for us to explore. Films like Wonder woman, Passengers, Jumanji promise to bring forth the best visual effects work that we have ever seen in movies before.

Virtual Reality In Films

The bar has been raised. As the animation industry is expanding and gaining ground in the entertainment industry it is important to understand that soon visual effects will be reaching to a much elevated level. In addition to all this we get the fact that in-spite of increasing competition in the visual effects field the level of quality keeps on increasing day after day. Rather than this another thing that matters is the scope of success for people to achieve in the VFX industry. The number of people working in this industry is increasing day by day leading to the progress of visual effects in the movies.

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There are numerous visual effects courses which will help you master the skill well and fine. Knowing the craft of visual effect will give you many career opportunities in the animation industry. In today’s day and age no film is complete without the visual effects inculcated in them. The visual effects courses will prepare you professionally to get the hold of this craft and get a successful career in the field.  Now, another thing that needs to be understood is that 2017 will be having so much VFX advancement than ever before. The audience will be experiencing never seen before visual effects in the movies.

In conclusion, 2017 will be experiencing visual effects in a bigger and much advanced manner. It will be the year where the movies will surpass the limitations and create absolute magic.

Is Virtual Reality The Next Era Of Movies

Virtual Reality In Films 2

Virtual reality is the new trend which is taking the industry by storm. Many a films in today’s times and to be statistically accurate almost all the films are created in virtual reality. The movies that we see in today’s day and age are all released in virtual reality later on. It won’t be wrong to say that in the next couple of years virtual reality will be dominating the cinema halls with it’s not just virtual but real presence.

VR has always withstood as one of the most prominent new inventions in the world of digital media and where the globe has come in the form of a global village encompassing all the information in the tiny chip. When the audience will demand more so will the creators work upon to create more. Virtual reality is nothing more but the stepping stone of 3D viewing and 7D viewing. Moreover it is to be understood that virtual reality is the successor of all that we have ever constrained in the forms of cinema viewing.

We began cinema with in early 17th century just in black and white 2D format over screened formats. Now, the colored cinema, 3D, 7D and all other formats are just an evolution of the stepping on this cinema. At this point the most that we’ve reached is virtual reality which allows you to experience the scenarios of real life in utter reality just with visuals and no sense of presence.

Virtual Reality In Films

It has come up as a very successful experiment and currently virtual reality is in high demand and appreciated by many a people. Virtual reality has many other added advantages including the ones associated with its monetary gains. In VR, you teleport to a new environment and you really feel like you’re there. You experience depth. You can move your head and the parallax of objects moving behind other objects is seen. Using hand controllers, you can make a thumbs up, point to something, or pick up a virtual ping pong paddle and ball and then proceed to actually play ping pong with a real human partner and be amazed and at…actually natural it feels to do so.

Over the next few years, virtual reality will completely reboot your relationship to the moving image. That’s because the once-geeks-only technology, known as VR for short, is becoming shockingly good at making you feel as though you’re in the midst of the action. There are a number of visual effects courses that can teach you the craft of mastering virtual reality in terms of directing any work in that particular field. In addition to all this you can sign up for numerous multimedia courses that will be helpful in proving you help with the virtual reality techniques.

Why Virtual Reality Is So Important In Hollywood Films Now

the 13 floor

Virtual reality is the upcoming trend of this decade. It is an established fact that the demand of the audience continues to escalate over the years. If we take a peek look at the history of cinema, we’ll know that it evolved from black and white over the plain screen to colored and now even 3D and 7D in format. We need to get the fact that virtual reality is in the highest demand over the years.

VR is the sole reason why Hollywood is appreciated on so many levels. Adding to that we must get the fact that virtual reality is the most recent step that has been taken in the world of digital media. The reason for its established prominence is that virtual reality will be taking over the movies. We all prefer to watch most the action and superhero movies in either 3D or 7D format. There is nothing stopping the cinema world to take a leap and jump to the virtual reality format. Virtual reality adding to that gives an essence of the world that doesn’t exist in reality.


Virtual reality has its own magic and charisma in terms of appealing to the audience. It is very common theme in science fiction movies, where it is often used a way to turn the fantastical into something that seems totally real.  Moreover, virtual reality is preferred by the audience on so many levels where it’s simply better than anything else ever seen on the screen. VR is the most exquisite of all the other formats alive on the screen. Adding to that virtual reality deals with all sorts of technologies that has ever come into existence. The technologies which play  the lead role in creating such a virtual world are visual effects and graphics. The films now use a super talented team of visual effects artists and graphics designer to create this magical world.


In conclusion, we can simply state that virtual reality will become the default placement for all the Hollywood movies. There are only a handful of such movies that have existed in the form of virtual reality. In no time, we’ll see that virtual reality has taken over the entire globe and even in the theatres. The only obstruction that stands in between virtual reality and it becoming a global explosion is the prices that might charge  to take such shows.

3 Hollywood Movies Using Virtual Reality Successfully

In the upcoming age of digital media virtual reality is gaining quick ground and many a Hollywood movies tend to use it for their post production. There are many movies whose remake was done in the virtual reality format. Among many of these movies these are the three Hollywood movies that have been using virtual reality successfully.

 The lawnmower man 2 : beyond Cyberspace


This particular film, being a product of the nineties was originally made in the 2D format but over the time we could process it in virtual reality format where the audience could watch the scenes in a manner where it looked like they are inside the very environment. Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace is a 1996 science fiction film, and the sequel to The Lawnmower Man, which was titled after Stephen King short stories of the same title, but the stories are unrelated.



Brainscan is a 1994 horror science fiction film starring Edward Furlong, Frank Langella, Amy Hargreaves, Jamie Marsh, and T. Ryder Smith. However, MGM backed out of plans to release the experimental picture in the new format. Trumbull instead shot the virtual reality sequences in 24 frames-per-second Super Panavision 70 with an aspect ratio of 2.2:1. The rest of the film was shot in conventional 35 mm with an aspect ratio of approximately 1.7 to 1.



The multimedia used in this particular film is beyond comparison. The multimedia effects inculcated in this film got it several awards and tons of appreciation. Considering the fact that this film had a hint of virtual reality in it as well. After it was shown in the format of virtual reality to the audience it was highly acclaimed and received positive acclaim all over.

We can conclude the fact that these films have a higher edge in terms of their story-line and plot. Now we understand that virtual reality can be specifically embedded in certain films with plots that will be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the audience. Visual effects and the role of multimedia is a very prominent factor when it comes to the making of such films in the first place. The films which are usually dragged in this genre are capable of viewing all the visual effects in the form of virtual reality. As we’ve established before that virtual reality is the new trend of cinema in the upcoming times, with the help of multimedia means and visual effects we are going to enter the domain of virtual reality.

Greatest Multimedia Work In A Film In 2016

Independence Day Resurgence VFX Breakdown 1

Considering the year of 2016, there have been many great multimedia works displayed on the screen. There have been many films which have stood out as excellent and gained appreciation for their multimedia work. Films, these days don’t stand a chance to do well if it doesn’t inculcate visual effects. It won’t be wrong to say that VFX acts as the spinal cord of all the films made, even if it’s not an animated film.

There were numerous such movies but if we have to pick just any one of them it’ll be Independence Day: Resurgence. This movie is a sequel of the earlier edition of Independence Day. This film has some great VFX included in it. All the invasion scenes that we see in the film cannot happen for real, hence the magic and creativity of visual artists. We also need to acknowledge the other facets of multimedia directions that were used in this film such as editing, graphic designing, visual effects etc. This film though is the sequel was successful in getting more appreciation than the previous one. Let’s consider the critics for a more surreal reflection of this film’s multimedia work.

Independence Day Resurgence VFX Breakdown 2

A film takes the effort of visual artists, designer’s etc to get it into its present form. Now, the question arises about why it is the greatest multimedia work of 2017, the answer is because of its clarity and sharpness appealing to audience across the globe. We need to understand that a film’s work can only be validated on the basis of eyes it appeals to. Resurgence was displayed in many nations and managed to win hearts with its multimedia work every single place. Inculcating VFX in films in such a manner that it receives acclaim all over the world is no easy job for a matter of fact.

Independence Day Resurgence VFX Breakdown

We have come to this apprehension that Resurgence is a marvellous film in all its aspects. Another matter that we all need to understand that Resurgence wasn’t any animated film and yet was shown in 3D which makes another multimedia effect in the count. It has stood out all the different aspects of multimedia to make it beyond comparison to any other film that was released in the year 2016.

In conclusion let’s just refresh with the different aspects that make Resurgence a great movie. It has mind blowing visual effects, outstanding graphic designing and last but not the least breathtaking 3D version which sold tickets across the globe.

Why Should I Learn VFX?


In the global dynamic era where the world of animation is growing at such a rapid pace there are numerous doors of opportunities open to you. Visual effects can give you the knowledge to manipulate and alter any scene in an animated movie, real life one, music videos etc. When it comes to its prominence in today’s day and age we simply can’t overlook the fact that VFX is the key element used in any movie to bring it to the audience in an appealing format. There lies a broad array of career opportunities if you have mastered the skill of VFX.

All you need to do is take up a good VFX course from a reputed institute that will train you in such a manner that in the outside world your talent will be appreciated. VFX in simple language entails creating the reality you have wanted to see in front of the screen. Learning VFX has many other perks as well. You might remember the famous movies in Hollywood and Bollywood where the hero runs in fire, alien invasions, bomb blasts, tsunami etc. All of these are done with the assistance of a VFX artist. A visual artist is the person who inculcates all the digital extra effects in the screen and makes it look more beautiful.


There is no shortage of visual effect courses in the city and it’s no toughie to learn one as well.  There are several fields in animation and VFX is the most promising of all in the current global scenario. If we consider the animation and VFX industry there are so many new projects coming up everyday. You’ll have plenty of projects to work upon and succeed as well. This is currently the most promising field in the world of animation.

vfx 5

It’ll be utter stupidity to assume that the VFX doesn’t provide enough scope. There are hundreds of potential job opportunities lined up for you in country and abroad. The VFX industry has continued to grow in years and will continue to do so in future as well. Keeping that in mind we have reached the very acceptable yet non generalised conclusion that VFX is more than just mere editing and addition of effects on the screen. Visual effects entail the entire backdrop of effects that we see in front of the screen.

In conclusion, we come to the unanimous preached point that VFX is the best field you can opt for as a career option and then there are plenty of courses available as well.

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