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Advanced Video Editing and VFX

What is meant by Video Editing?

Video EditingThe process of giving the shape and beautify a raw file to a final video can be called as Video editing in a very basic manner. Today, entertainment industry all over the world is in great demand for great talented video editors who will be able to offer superior quality video editing for giving sharpness and add beauty to your video.

Video editing as we already said, was not a specialized area of expertise earlier, but now with plenty of technological advancements, one can say that video editing has also evolved as an art, and as a skill area. Today, therefore, we from Hi-Tech Film & Broadcast Academy have pledged to offering super class training to aspiring video editors on the software and of the art of video editing per se. We also offer several Movie camps during the training so, that, our students can get to learn the tricks and get placed in a reputed national level production house.


Our Video editing and VFX course is offered by professional video editors who have not only learnt these skills but who are currently involved in the post production work of several noted films and serials in the top regional channels.


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