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3 Toughest Tasks Of Video Editing

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Video editing is the process of editing segments of motion video production footage, special effects and sound recordings in the post-production process. Being a video editor has its own challenges and merits at the same point. A video editor faces lots of challenges on a daily basis and these are the 3 toughest tasks faced by a video editor.


Now this might not sound that of a tough job but video editing does require a heck of patient mind. A video editor simply cannot make it without inculcating the qualities of patience. All the raw data and files arrive on the desk of the editor where he alters and filters through them. It’s the editor who brings out the final product combing through all the essential and suitable data. Simple as it might sound but isn’t; in order to empathize oneself as the audience and then preparing the entire rough data into a fully fledged film.

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 Audience appeal

A video editor has to meet the eyeing appeal not just to the directors and the project managers but also to the audience. The audience has a variation of choices and demands when it comes to meeting their demands. This is one of the toughest tasks that a video editor faces.

Video Editing


Video editors have to use numerous methodologies and ways in order to get the job done. Now the fact that different editors might have a diversified sense of thought when it comes to creating a film. We often don’t understand that video editors create their imagination through the raw data provided by them. There are so many different ways in which a particular scene can be presented, but only the video editor’s perception is what we get to see on the screen.

In conclusion, we reach the statement that video editing though has its challenges but is worth the attempt. All you need to do is take up a good video editing course from a reputed institute. Video editing, like any other profession has its very own challenges and hurdles but it is one of the best career that one can go for. Video editors are the most creative and efficient people in the entire digital industry.

What You Can Learn About Video Editing In A Year?

Video  Editing

Video editing is the post processing where the raw files are curated and the final product that is produced is what we see in the form of film or documentary presented in front of us. For the starters, video editing isn’t just about removing the unwanted clips and joining the required ones. So, in order to learn video editing on a professional level one needs to take down a course of video editing.

In a span of one year you can cover a vast amount of topics under the video editing course in Kolkata, this includes, What is Editing; Early Days Of Editing; Spatial & Temporal Continuity; Analog & Digital Editing; Montage; Pace & Rhythm; Editing & Sound; Digital Postproduction etc. Video editing might seem tedious as a process but it isn’t rather it has a lot other aspects including sound and postproduction. The editor of any film is the one who brings out the best out of everything that is thrown at their table after the making of the film.

Apart from this you also learn about Digital Nonlinear Editing Systems. Editing can include a large number of softwares to be included. Some of the common softwares used at the amateur level are Adobe Movie Maker, Windows Movie maker etc.

Video  Editing

The other things you learn within this vast concept are Editing History (Early years, Russian School, German Impressionism, Italian Neorealism, French New Wave) Editing Theory (Grammar & continuity, pace & rhythm, mis-en-scene) Digital theory(Basic concepts of computer technology, analog and digital video, compression formats, different media, working with film on the digital platform) Documentary (History of documentary, Indian documentaries, British documentary movement, Cinema Verite, Direct Cinema, political motivation in a documentary, resurgence of documentaries in Europe and America). These are just few of the many topics that you can learn within the span of one year. You learn about Web animation and 3D flash animation as well. You are free to choose the field of your interest and work upon that only.

Video  Editing

Video editing is basically manipulating video frames and gets inputs on basic computer graphics and sound post-production with respect to video editing though video editing course deals primarily with video format and curating raw files. In the span of one year you can very well master the skill depending on the work input you give and results you can procure. Learning the art begins from doing it from the scratch and then editing lengthy files to prepare a full fledged film.

How A Great Video Editor Can Change A Movie

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We all know that editing is necessary, whether it is in writing a script or while creating a video. Editing a video or film is all about rearranging the various shots, enhancing the colours in such a manner to deliver a story to the audiences. Video editing is associated with the post production work, where a video editor with the help of some software, deliver the final piece of work. Every film maker needs a video editor for their film to get the job done. A video editor has the required qualities to change a movie. Those are:

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  • A good video editor understands the subject and arranges the shots in a systematic way in order to create a story. He knows which shot should be at the beginning and how to end the video. A video editor has the responsibility to remove or edit unnecessary shots and present a smooth video to the audiences.
  • A great video editor has the quality to jump from one shot to another, without making it visible to the viewers. It is the editor, who knows how to mix different shots and maintain the continuity of the story at the same time.
  • Some of the scenes in the movie demand different kind of music like romantic, tragic, emotional, etc. It is up to the video editor to add music according to the situation. A good video editor has the knowledge of music as well. This quality of adding suitable music not only enhances the intensity of that shot, but also attracts the viewers as well.
  • Though, video editing is a post production work, but a good video editor works with the director, cameraman and other team members from the beginning. This interaction and communication with other members, makes the work of editing easier and also helps in the making of the film.
  • A Video editor has the knowledge about the different editing software, which can enhance the quality of the video and make the editing work done in a short period of time.

Video Editing

You can also change a movie with the above mentioned skills, but for that you have to learn all the aspects of video editing by opting for a video editing course from a good institute. Hi-Tech Animation provides video editing course in Kolkata with a 100% job guarantee. Grab this opportunity and make a successful career by choosing this institute.

Future of Video Editing Courses in Kolkata

Video Editing

Video editing is the process of finalising the video after taking out unnecessary parts to make the final video. It is a very important part of any firm dealing with any work related to video making. It is the call of the video editor to include any scene in the final video. Video editing helps the editor to make the scenes fall in line with the story. The future of video editing courses in Kolkata is discussed below:

Video Editing 2

  • The entire entertainment industry has changed in the last few years. There is not a single media or entertainment related firm in Kolkata which doesn’t engage the work of a video editor. It has become an integral part of any video related work.
  • Every video has an audience. In order to reach the target audience, the video should be properly edited, as it will help the audience to understand the message conveyed. A good video editor makes this possible. After a video is shot, the video editor cuts any unwanted scenes or puts some music in the background if told to. He is like the finisher who polishes the final video. He is involved in discussions with the people from the production to post-production department.
  • With the development of the entertainment industry in Kolkata, the demand is set to rise for the video editors. Every day, new movies or TV series are announced or a new ad comes on TV. This means that the industry is growing at a very fast pace. It requires video editors to do the editing work.
  • A video editor edits the video in the last phase of the video. But, he stays with the team from the start as the input from his side is very crucial for making a good video. The best thing about being a video editor is that one can also work as a freelancer. A person can pick and choose any project he wants. Another attraction is the handsome pay package.

Editing a video is not an easy task. It requires the highest level of skill and patience. You might have to re-edit the video according to the director`s demand. So, flexibility is another requirement. One can clearly say that the future of video editing course in Kolkata is bright, the demand for video editor will only rise in the coming days.

 Video Editing 3

Video editing in Kolkata has never witnessed this type of response. Hi Tech Animation is the premier institute which provides quality education in video editing. It has the best faculty along with the latest system required to learn video editing. The placement record is very impressive compared to other institutes.

What You Can Learn About Film Editing

video Edit

Film making is not an easy task. What we see on the big screen is the result of the hard work of different experts who contribute a lot in the making of a film. From shooting the video, selecting the background, enhancing the video quality to video editing, these works are considered to be an integral part of the film.

Film editing is not only related to film-making. It is an art which is essential in the making of any kind of songs, films, a short video or an advertisement. Due to its importance, the demand for video editing in Kolkata is also increasing day by day just like it is in the home of Bollywood (Mumbai).

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A number of multimedia and editing institutes provide different types of video editing courses, which depend on the duration of the course. You can either master this art or can have a diploma in film editing. The shortest course in video editing is fast track course (2 or 3 months), which is meant for the working person who wants to add some skills on their CV.

In this short term course, you can learn while working and can switch to this field of editing after the completion of the course. Do some research on the institutes which provide this 2 month course, but remember to look for the syllabus and subjects they have? The Syllabus is very important in any course, because if you are not learning about the latest techniques, then all of your efforts will go in vain.

The work of video editing comes in the post-production work. It is generally about rearranging and editing video clips to create the perfect flow by the experts. Look for an institute which will prepare you well for this profession and help you in achieving your goal. Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe Audition CC, Prelude CC etc. are the latest tools in video editing, which help the editor to trans-code video footage, enhance the quality and edit the repetitive and unnecessary video clips in less period of time.

Make your final decision on the basis of placement and faculties of the institutes, which will help you in shaping up your career. Hi-Tech Animation provides latest video editing tools and software based on the need of the industry. This institute also provides 100% job placement in the top companies of entertainment media.

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