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The Role Of A Video Editor

Video Editing

Video editing is about producing a final piece of work and story. The work of video editing is not only related to the film making process. Editing a video can be related to anything like songs, small shots advertising, etc. Like every media related field, where an editor plays an important role, a video editor is also considered to be one of the most important person, who can produce an entertaining piece of work by cutting and chopping different clips, music etc. A video editor should be aware of some important roles before starting a project.

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These are:

  • The work of video editing is related to the story of the shoot and it is necessary for the editor to work in collaboration with other production teams. He should be present from the beginning of the shooting to discuss with the director about the background, lights and colours. It is necessary for the video editor to give his valuable inputs to the team, before the shooting to avoid post production chaos.
  • It is the responsibility of a video editor to understand the subject before starting the editing. Unless he is familiar with the subject, he cannot develop the story out of that video.
  • A video editor must have the knowledge about music, though his work is related to removing, adding and putting together different clips to make a video. He should know where to use tragic emotional music or where he can create a happy moment with the right tune.
  • He should have a fair judgement making power while choosing the clips for the final piece of video. He should know whether the edited video is doing justice to the story line or not. He should do his share of homework, which include the most important part of reading and knowing the script beforehand.
  • The role of an editor also includes the ability to avoid jumping to the next shot without creating continuity. He must know the fact, that the audience can notice the flaw and it can ruin the whole video.
  • Last but not the least, in order to produce a fine quality of work, a video editor must have the knowledge about the software used in video editing. Without having a technical knowledge, all the efforts will go in vain.

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Hi-Tech Animation is one of the best institutes, which provides video editing course in Kolkata. What are you waiting for? Come and join this best institute in town for a wonderful and prosperous career. It has a 100 % placement record.

What You Can Learn About Film Editing

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Film making is not an easy task. What we see on the big screen is the result of the hard work of different experts who contribute a lot in the making of a film. From shooting the video, selecting the background, enhancing the video quality to video editing, these works are considered to be an integral part of the film.

Film editing is not only related to film-making. It is an art which is essential in the making of any kind of songs, films, a short video or an advertisement. Due to its importance, the demand for video editing in Kolkata is also increasing day by day just like it is in the home of Bollywood (Mumbai).

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A number of multimedia and editing institutes provide different types of video editing courses, which depend on the duration of the course. You can either master this art or can have a diploma in film editing. The shortest course in video editing is fast track course (2 or 3 months), which is meant for the working person who wants to add some skills on their CV.

In this short term course, you can learn while working and can switch to this field of editing after the completion of the course. Do some research on the institutes which provide this 2 month course, but remember to look for the syllabus and subjects they have? The Syllabus is very important in any course, because if you are not learning about the latest techniques, then all of your efforts will go in vain.

The work of video editing comes in the post-production work. It is generally about rearranging and editing video clips to create the perfect flow by the experts. Look for an institute which will prepare you well for this profession and help you in achieving your goal. Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe Audition CC, Prelude CC etc. are the latest tools in video editing, which help the editor to trans-code video footage, enhance the quality and edit the repetitive and unnecessary video clips in less period of time.

Make your final decision on the basis of placement and faculties of the institutes, which will help you in shaping up your career. Hi-Tech Animation provides latest video editing tools and software based on the need of the industry. This institute also provides 100% job placement in the top companies of entertainment media.

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