What A Good VFX Course Can Teach You?



In filmmaking, visual effects (abbreviated VFX) are the processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot. Basically, VFX or visual effects are a way of mixing real film shooting with false or animated images. For instance, a movie that shows the hero jumping off the ground and flying into the air, is created using VFX. Almost every single movie these days uses VFX. MAAC offers some of the best VFX courses. Affordable software for Animation & VFX has made it easy for almost all filmmakers to use VFX in their movies. The VFX industry is growing at a very large and faster pace and will continue to become larger and greater in the coming times.



A good VFX course will help you to setup a good career base in the future. You will get the opportunity to work with entertainment industries across the nation and even abroad. It all depends on the quality of your skill and the amount of skill that you will be feeding in the craft. Also, you will get to design and work for some of the top companies in the field of animation and also for some of the best films that are and in the industry.



In addition to this you have to understand that a good VFX course will give you the exposure of working in a hand to hand experience and professional approach in the field. You will be exploring the techniques of VFX to the core extent and once you’ve completed the course you’ll be getting a very good exposure within the industry in terms of employment and career prospects. Also, you can do is take up the course as per your requirements and then avail the work. In case you’re not up for a full time job then you can also take up part time work in the industry; you can work on contract basis and then work accordingly.

The top 3 VFX courses in Kolkata are provided by Hi-Tech animation, Arena animation and MAAC. Now the VFX courses in Kolkata are excellent with their services and knowledge imparting techniques. You need to know clearly which institute you ought to join for a visual effects course, also called VFX course. As the saying goes, all that which shines is not gold. And similarly, all that is black is not necessarily coal; rub the surface hard and you might end-up with a diamond. Look up to your personnel requirements in the particular institute and then opt for that course accordingly.  

2017- The New Age For Visual Effects In Movies

Virtual Reality In Films 2

Visual effects have come a long way in the last couple of years and 2017 is coming up with many more visual effects packed movies. The digital era is in great demand for the escalation of visual effects in the movies. On top of that the technologies are improving day after day resulting in the quality increase of movies that we see. 2016 had some amazing work in the field of visual effects and the next year will just bring in more and more talent for us to explore. Films like Wonder woman, Passengers, Jumanji promise to bring forth the best visual effects work that we have ever seen in movies before.

Virtual Reality In Films

The bar has been raised. As the animation industry is expanding and gaining ground in the entertainment industry it is important to understand that soon visual effects will be reaching to a much elevated level. In addition to all this we get the fact that in-spite of increasing competition in the visual effects field the level of quality keeps on increasing day after day. Rather than this another thing that matters is the scope of success for people to achieve in the VFX industry. The number of people working in this industry is increasing day by day leading to the progress of visual effects in the movies.

Virtual Reality In Films 3

There are numerous visual effects courses which will help you master the skill well and fine. Knowing the craft of visual effect will give you many career opportunities in the animation industry. In today’s day and age no film is complete without the visual effects inculcated in them. The visual effects courses will prepare you professionally to get the hold of this craft and get a successful career in the field.  Now, another thing that needs to be understood is that 2017 will be having so much VFX advancement than ever before. The audience will be experiencing never seen before visual effects in the movies.

In conclusion, 2017 will be experiencing visual effects in a bigger and much advanced manner. It will be the year where the movies will surpass the limitations and create absolute magic.

5 Cult Movies Famous For Vfx Work

Fantastic Planet


Fantastic Planet is a 1973 Franco-Czech allegorical cutout stop-motion science fiction film directed by René Laloux and written by Laloux and Roland Topor. This animated tale follows the relationship between the small human-like Oms and their much larger blue-skinned oppressors, the Draags, who rule the planet of Ygam. While the Draags have long kept Oms as illiterate pets, this hierarchy shifts after an Om boy becomes educated, thanks to a young female Draag. The VFX inculcated in this film is excellent and beyond comparison.

Back to future


Back to the Future is a 1985 American science fiction adventure comedy film directed by Robert Zemeckis and written by Zemeckis and Bob Gale. Marty travels back in time using a time machine invented by an eccentric scientist. That film was a visual effects extravaganza, featuring incredible optical composites of future skylines and flying cars, matte paintings of ruined cities, detailed miniature and model setups, and incredibly complicated motion control shots that enabled actors to interact with themselves in old age makeup – all before the days of digital animation!

Streets of fire


Streets of Fire is a 1984 film directed by Walter Hill and co-written by Hill and Larry Gross. It is described in its opening credits and posters as “A Rock & Roll Fable”. The film had some extraordinary visual effects work input in them. This film has a very good name in the cult list of films with visual effects qualities.

Donnie Darko


Donnie Darko is a 2001 American psychological horror-science fiction drama written and directed by Richard Kelly. The visual effects that we see in this film were highly appreciated by the audience and critically appreciated as well.

Galaxy Quest


Galaxy Quest is a 1999 American comedy science fiction film directed by Dean Parisot and written by David Howard and Robert Gordon. The film received great amount of appreciation in terms of visual effects work that was seen in the film. Though it is to be understood that being a film in 1999 and receiving appreciation is a whole another thing for any movie. The VFX techniques used in this film is of high quality and paramount peculiarity.

The VFX Story Of Star Trek

star trek VFX

The Star Trek TV and film series haven’t just been a journey through the history the voyages of the Starship Enterprise; they’ve also served as a showcase for cutting edge and innovative visual effects techniques. From models and miniatures used in the TV series, to some of the earliest computer graphics seen on film in Wrath of Khan, and to new ways of achieving complex effects on screen, including in this weekend’s Star Trek: Beyond, Inverse takes a look at the biggest VFX innovations in Trek history.

star trek VFX 3

Star Trek is one of the most positively acclaimed movies of all times in terms of the usage of its visual effects techniques. Visual effects supervisor Roger Guyett describes his overall approach to the effects in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek: Into Darkness as “we want to make people feel like they’re really there.” It’s an approach Guyett, who also supervised Abrams’ first Star Trek, had adopted straight from the director. “He likes things to feel kind of tactile and believable in a fundamental way. If you look at the kind of choices we have made, we tended to err on what I would call the practical side of things. It’s not a concept art version of San Francisco or a city, it’s a working version.”

star trek VFX 2

Many visual-effects pros start out as genre geeks, dreaming of someday working on a “Star Wars” or a “Batman” movie. Star trek won many awards in terms of its VFX work. Well, if you’re a Star trek fan then you might also wonder of creating magic through visual effects techniques. Well, it turns out that it’s no toughie to learn the craft. All you need to do is take up a good VFX course from a reputed institute and that will do the rest.  VFX training will teach you to create scenarios that look completely real in the reel scenario.

The VFX inculcated in the Star Trek series is beyond comparison and you can create such content as well. In order to do that you need to attain VFX training well and master the craft. The industry of visual effects is expanding day by day and the scope along with it expands as well.

What A Good VFX Course Can Offer You?

In Filmmaking, 2

Visual effects is one of the most evolving and rapidly growing aspect in the animation industry. Though there are so many fields in the world of animation, VFX offers you the most scope and opportunities for succeeding in the industry. A visual artist creates his imagination and brings it to reality.  A visual artist needs to complete his VFX course and then work with different projects. A good VFX course from a reputed institute will get your skills more sharpened and make you more efficient.

In Filmmaking, 3

You will find so many films animated or not which are completely and utterly incomplete without VFX. Any film, if it’s not documentary will require a VFX artist to inculcate backdrops, more crowd, locations and if it’s an action movie then the entire thing is about VFX only. No film is possible without visual effects treatment no matter how basic it is. So you need to come to terms with the fact that visual effects have a very bright an opportunist career in today’s day and age. The point is that it’ll keep on increasing and the opportunities will continue to expand in this particular field.

In Filmmaking,

In addition to this, we need to understand that VFX is the most promising field that will help you to establish a solid career in the industry both nationwide and abroad. The animation industry has expanded and offers all the potential developers an opportunity to showcase their talent in terms of their creativity and talent. If you have mastered the skill well and can innovate creativity with your visual effects knowledge then there is no possibility that you will not be getting a successful head start for your future.

Greatest Multimedia Work In A Film In 2016

Independence Day Resurgence VFX Breakdown 1

Considering the year of 2016, there have been many great multimedia works displayed on the screen. There have been many films which have stood out as excellent and gained appreciation for their multimedia work. Films, these days don’t stand a chance to do well if it doesn’t inculcate visual effects. It won’t be wrong to say that VFX acts as the spinal cord of all the films made, even if it’s not an animated film.

There were numerous such movies but if we have to pick just any one of them it’ll be Independence Day: Resurgence. This movie is a sequel of the earlier edition of Independence Day. This film has some great VFX included in it. All the invasion scenes that we see in the film cannot happen for real, hence the magic and creativity of visual artists. We also need to acknowledge the other facets of multimedia directions that were used in this film such as editing, graphic designing, visual effects etc. This film though is the sequel was successful in getting more appreciation than the previous one. Let’s consider the critics for a more surreal reflection of this film’s multimedia work.

Independence Day Resurgence VFX Breakdown 2

A film takes the effort of visual artists, designer’s etc to get it into its present form. Now, the question arises about why it is the greatest multimedia work of 2017, the answer is because of its clarity and sharpness appealing to audience across the globe. We need to understand that a film’s work can only be validated on the basis of eyes it appeals to. Resurgence was displayed in many nations and managed to win hearts with its multimedia work every single place. Inculcating VFX in films in such a manner that it receives acclaim all over the world is no easy job for a matter of fact.

Independence Day Resurgence VFX Breakdown

We have come to this apprehension that Resurgence is a marvellous film in all its aspects. Another matter that we all need to understand that Resurgence wasn’t any animated film and yet was shown in 3D which makes another multimedia effect in the count. It has stood out all the different aspects of multimedia to make it beyond comparison to any other film that was released in the year 2016.

In conclusion let’s just refresh with the different aspects that make Resurgence a great movie. It has mind blowing visual effects, outstanding graphic designing and last but not the least breathtaking 3D version which sold tickets across the globe.

Why Should I Learn VFX?


In the global dynamic era where the world of animation is growing at such a rapid pace there are numerous doors of opportunities open to you. Visual effects can give you the knowledge to manipulate and alter any scene in an animated movie, real life one, music videos etc. When it comes to its prominence in today’s day and age we simply can’t overlook the fact that VFX is the key element used in any movie to bring it to the audience in an appealing format. There lies a broad array of career opportunities if you have mastered the skill of VFX.

All you need to do is take up a good VFX course from a reputed institute that will train you in such a manner that in the outside world your talent will be appreciated. VFX in simple language entails creating the reality you have wanted to see in front of the screen. Learning VFX has many other perks as well. You might remember the famous movies in Hollywood and Bollywood where the hero runs in fire, alien invasions, bomb blasts, tsunami etc. All of these are done with the assistance of a VFX artist. A visual artist is the person who inculcates all the digital extra effects in the screen and makes it look more beautiful.


There is no shortage of visual effect courses in the city and it’s no toughie to learn one as well.  There are several fields in animation and VFX is the most promising of all in the current global scenario. If we consider the animation and VFX industry there are so many new projects coming up everyday. You’ll have plenty of projects to work upon and succeed as well. This is currently the most promising field in the world of animation.

vfx 5

It’ll be utter stupidity to assume that the VFX doesn’t provide enough scope. There are hundreds of potential job opportunities lined up for you in country and abroad. The VFX industry has continued to grow in years and will continue to do so in future as well. Keeping that in mind we have reached the very acceptable yet non generalised conclusion that VFX is more than just mere editing and addition of effects on the screen. Visual effects entail the entire backdrop of effects that we see in front of the screen.

In conclusion, we come to the unanimous preached point that VFX is the best field you can opt for as a career option and then there are plenty of courses available as well.

Why You Should Learn VFX?


Before we straight forward jump to the counting features of VFX I would like to tell you what it is all about. In film-making, visual effects (abbreviated VFX) are the processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot. Any superficial scene, accident or magic that you see in movies, advertisements or videos is created using the methodologies of VFX. In the growing dynamic of the animation industry in today’s day and age it is an added advantage to learn VFX. Once you’ve made prominent progress in the field of VFX there are hundreds of career options open to you which promise to pay you a decent sum of wage.


All you need to do is take up a good VFX course from a good animation institute. In today’s day and age there is absolutely no shortage of animation schools or courses for that matter. Taking up a VFX course will help you guide through it’s artistic and technical principles at the same time. Visual effects deal with visuals so learning to look at things and study them is a basic requirement. Study paintings, photographs and movies. Take photographs. Shoot video. See how composition works. See how light and color affects the mood and provides the sense of dimension. How timing of action and editing present the story. Study the look of reality. Study silent movies to see how the visual language works.  See how a single photograph can tell a story.  If you’re in school consider a basic art class.  Not only should this help you see but also being able to sketch a visual concept becomes very useful to help communicate ideas.


On the other hand people often doubt about it’s demand in the industry due to lesser known fact that there is huge demand for VFX artists in the national as well as international sphere. You should definitely learn VFX to create a better life for yourself with the joy of working with creativity and your passion.

Another factor about why you should necessarily take up an animation course is because in order to learn the craft properly you must work towards it with every inch and breadth. Understand the artist principles of the areas you’re working in. If you’re an animator you should understand follow through, how to provide a sense of weight and character emotion with simple movement.  If you’re a compositor you should know color adjustments, how light wraps around an object, how much of a mist element to add to set the background in the distance. If you’re a lighter you should know light ratios, how to set mood and dramatic effect with lighting. Understanding the technical principles to the area you’re working in helps to accomplish the artistic principles. A compositor should know what linear color space is all about and what premult and unmult do. A lighter should understand the different types of CG lights and how different basic shades work and look.  These fundamentals will be of value no matter what software you use and will allow you to get the most out of your software package.  They will also help you problem solve.

These technical as well as artistic factors can be well and fine learned in a good VFX course which you need to trust me upon, are many. Bring your imagination to life by learning VFX.

How Multimedia Courses Can Help You Get A Job In Film Industry

GD 2

Ever seen an animated movie and wondered if you could design a character of your own? Have you ever wanted to create a character like that of your choice and shape it’s characteristics? Well it’s not impossible at all. There are numerous career opportunities for you to choose a career path from. There are wide ranges of profession you can choose from and there are a variety of courses that have huge scope for your future. In order to achieve success in this particular field, you need to choose the course that you wish to master upon and once you’re skilled you have plenty of job opportunities in the film industry. VfX, 2D AND 3D animation, graphic designing, 3D modeling, all can be done with proper practice and dedication. In today’s day and age, animation industry is in high demand where you can get employed with decent salaries if you have mastered the talent. The film industry both here in India and abroad require animation artists every time. Due to the increasing demand of audience to watch more and more animated work, the industry never goes idle.

GD 3

Multimedia courses can give you an exposure to field work even during your study period in the courses and you get to learn so much from the teachers itself. Working in the film industry might seem very far fetched but it’s not stale talk at all. Multimedia courses are vast to provide opportunities and give you a great head start in getting your career started. Working in this dynamic industry has several fields. You can be an art director While many industries – from publishing to marketing – employ art directors for any project or campaign that requires heavy visual elements, the role is even more prominent in animation.


An art director holds a very high position on an animation team, and most creative staff involved on a project report directly to him or her. Not only do art directors have the final say on what footage or stills are to be included in the final cut (as well as helping to coordinate and shape the entire project), but may also be required to train junior staff and manage budgeting requirements. Apart from this there are several other jobs such as Stop motion animator, 3D Modeler etc. Getting employed in the film industry is not at all impossible if you complete the multimedia course from a good institution.

You can be a member in creating unforgettable films that will be remembered by all, all it takes is a good multimedia course. It will be Combining masterful artistry and storytelling with groundbreaking technology. Careers in digital animation offer the chance to work in highly creative environments, producing work that will be widely consumed by a global audience.

How VFX Training Can Help You Achieve A Bright Career?


In film-making, visual effects (abbreviated VFX) are the processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot. It is a very essential component of film-making and there are numerous career opportunities in this field. You can also adopt a course in film-making and master the skills of visual effects.  Did you watch ‘Tom and Jerry’ and ‘Looney Tunes’ as a child, then you already know what animation and visual effects are. The animation industry has expanded to a very large scale in India. You can make a very decent living by establishing a career in VFX. If you want to develop and master the skills of animation then all you need to do is take up an animation course.

You might have questions about what VFX is all about and what will you be learning in this training. VFX basically includes inculcating and mixing real life incidents and scenes with that of the curate ones. The scenes in films where you see the characters flying or dragons breathing fire or an alien invasion are all added by the after processing with the VFX techniques. You might want to know how it’ll lead you to a brighter future.


In order to master the skill you need to get the best VFX Training and emphasise on improving as well. If you can dream and think of a certain scene or even a character, then there are all means available by which you can bring it to life as well. So, anything that is difficult to achieve with our two eyes, VFX does that. If you complete your VFX training from a good institute and work towards to it then you can for sure work with film industries and top filmmakers as well. There is high demand for animators in the film industry, both nationally and internationally. Nowadays, almost all the films include visual effects.


With the higher consumption of animated and action films by the audiences, the career opportunities have only elevated for the animators. Firstly, you need to achieve good VFX training from a renowned institute and learn the craft well. Trainee Finder matches exceptional individuals to industry placements in VFX, film, TV, games and animation. If you are chosen, the company will offer a training placement including a training allowance that will cover the cost of living. And placements can last anything from a few weeks up to several months. In this manner you will be gaining work experience even during your learning period. Due to the tremendous growth of this industry, it is creating great career opportunities for trained & talented people. Finding a foothold in the highly competitive visual effects and graphics industry is all about refining your own style and possessing the grit to get absolute results.

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