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The VFX Story Of Star Trek

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The Star Trek TV and film series haven’t just been a journey through the history the voyages of the Starship Enterprise; they’ve also served as a showcase for cutting edge and innovative visual effects techniques. From models and miniatures used in the TV series, to some of the earliest computer graphics seen on film in Wrath of Khan, and to new ways of achieving complex effects on screen, including in this weekend’s Star Trek: Beyond, Inverse takes a look at the biggest VFX innovations in Trek history.

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Star Trek is one of the most positively acclaimed movies of all times in terms of the usage of its visual effects techniques. Visual effects supervisor Roger Guyett describes his overall approach to the effects in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek: Into Darkness as “we want to make people feel like they’re really there.” It’s an approach Guyett, who also supervised Abrams’ first Star Trek, had adopted straight from the director. “He likes things to feel kind of tactile and believable in a fundamental way. If you look at the kind of choices we have made, we tended to err on what I would call the practical side of things. It’s not a concept art version of San Francisco or a city, it’s a working version.”

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Many visual-effects pros start out as genre geeks, dreaming of someday working on a “Star Wars” or a “Batman” movie. Star trek won many awards in terms of its VFX work. Well, if you’re a Star trek fan then you might also wonder of creating magic through visual effects techniques. Well, it turns out that it’s no toughie to learn the craft. All you need to do is take up a good VFX course from a reputed institute and that will do the rest.  VFX training will teach you to create scenarios that look completely real in the reel scenario.

The VFX inculcated in the Star Trek series is beyond comparison and you can create such content as well. In order to do that you need to attain VFX training well and master the craft. The industry of visual effects is expanding day by day and the scope along with it expands as well.

What A Good VFX Course Can Offer You?

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Visual effects is one of the most evolving and rapidly growing aspect in the animation industry. Though there are so many fields in the world of animation, VFX offers you the most scope and opportunities for succeeding in the industry. A visual artist creates his imagination and brings it to reality.  A visual artist needs to complete his VFX course and then work with different projects. A good VFX course from a reputed institute will get your skills more sharpened and make you more efficient.

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You will find so many films animated or not which are completely and utterly incomplete without VFX. Any film, if it’s not documentary will require a VFX artist to inculcate backdrops, more crowd, locations and if it’s an action movie then the entire thing is about VFX only. No film is possible without visual effects treatment no matter how basic it is. So you need to come to terms with the fact that visual effects have a very bright an opportunist career in today’s day and age. The point is that it’ll keep on increasing and the opportunities will continue to expand in this particular field.

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In addition to this, we need to understand that VFX is the most promising field that will help you to establish a solid career in the industry both nationwide and abroad. The animation industry has expanded and offers all the potential developers an opportunity to showcase their talent in terms of their creativity and talent. If you have mastered the skill well and can innovate creativity with your visual effects knowledge then there is no possibility that you will not be getting a successful head start for your future.

What A Good Animation Course Can Offer You?


Animation industry is on a rapid growth in the in the current times and there is absolutely no shortcomings in making a decision to choose this field. Learning animation will open your doors to so many career opportunities where you will get to explore your creativity. Animation has evolved as one of the best field to opt. A good animation course from a reputed institute will give to exposure to this industry on a much better level. You will learn how to manipulate reality and create one of yours.

Choosing a good animation course has many more perks. Animation courses provide you with the knowledge of creating and designing not just characters but animated movies and series at the same time. We need to keep in mind that learning animation can help you become an animator, designer, graphic designer, visual artist and so much more. A good course will show the apprentice towards a brighter future for all of those who will to learn it. Learning the craft from a good institute ensures quality education and trusted placement opportunities. Learn animation from a good institute and take your skills to a whole new level. It is important to understand that animation is not just about learning software and technologies but also about becoming a professional in that field.


Above everything you will be earning experience from a knowledge enriched faculty who will help you master the skills step by step. Animation films are loved globally and the audience will always pay for tickets that has animated characters rather than for films that don’t. So, you don’t need to cook any sort of doubts regarding it’s importance and prevalence as a career option. Along with this you get creative freedom if you’ve taken up a good animation course. You get to learn so much about the aesthetics of animation and it’s different angles that after the course jobs will search for you instead.


It is no secret that animation and VFX is not confined to the walls of a particular industry or nation. It is a worldwide industry and animation and VFX effects are used in almost all the films that are released in today’s time. Pre-production, 3D modeling, performance animation, lighting are just a few of the career options that will be open to you after an animation course. Learn animation and enter the world of extraordinary talents, you will get to work with international artists and learn from them as well.

In conclusion, all you need to do is take up a good animation course and master the craft well. As we have established earlier there are absolutely no drawbacks in this particular field but if you are determined enough to take up a good course you surely will establish a good future for yourself.

Why You Should Learn VFX?


Before we straight forward jump to the counting features of VFX I would like to tell you what it is all about. In film-making, visual effects (abbreviated VFX) are the processes by which imagery is created and/or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot. Any superficial scene, accident or magic that you see in movies, advertisements or videos is created using the methodologies of VFX. In the growing dynamic of the animation industry in today’s day and age it is an added advantage to learn VFX. Once you’ve made prominent progress in the field of VFX there are hundreds of career options open to you which promise to pay you a decent sum of wage.


All you need to do is take up a good VFX course from a good animation institute. In today’s day and age there is absolutely no shortage of animation schools or courses for that matter. Taking up a VFX course will help you guide through it’s artistic and technical principles at the same time. Visual effects deal with visuals so learning to look at things and study them is a basic requirement. Study paintings, photographs and movies. Take photographs. Shoot video. See how composition works. See how light and color affects the mood and provides the sense of dimension. How timing of action and editing present the story. Study the look of reality. Study silent movies to see how the visual language works.  See how a single photograph can tell a story.  If you’re in school consider a basic art class.  Not only should this help you see but also being able to sketch a visual concept becomes very useful to help communicate ideas.


On the other hand people often doubt about it’s demand in the industry due to lesser known fact that there is huge demand for VFX artists in the national as well as international sphere. You should definitely learn VFX to create a better life for yourself with the joy of working with creativity and your passion.

Another factor about why you should necessarily take up an animation course is because in order to learn the craft properly you must work towards it with every inch and breadth. Understand the artist principles of the areas you’re working in. If you’re an animator you should understand follow through, how to provide a sense of weight and character emotion with simple movement.  If you’re a compositor you should know color adjustments, how light wraps around an object, how much of a mist element to add to set the background in the distance. If you’re a lighter you should know light ratios, how to set mood and dramatic effect with lighting. Understanding the technical principles to the area you’re working in helps to accomplish the artistic principles. A compositor should know what linear color space is all about and what premult and unmult do. A lighter should understand the different types of CG lights and how different basic shades work and look.  These fundamentals will be of value no matter what software you use and will allow you to get the most out of your software package.  They will also help you problem solve.

These technical as well as artistic factors can be well and fine learned in a good VFX course which you need to trust me upon, are many. Bring your imagination to life by learning VFX.

Why You Must Learn VFX For A Better Career


VFX or visual effects have changed the entire scenario of the entertainment industry. Gone are the days, when the special effects of a movie looked shabby or unreal. Today, with the help of VFX software, anything can be created on the screen. VFX is a set of software used to create difficult or unrealistic scenes in a movie, animated series or a television show. It is one of the trending job options for today`s younger generation.


The reasons for learning VFX for a better career are:

  • It is the current hot job profile which is in huge demand. The students with a degree in this course get placed very easily. Getting placed is the most important thing for any student`s career. The demand for VFX related works are increasing day by day. So, there is no dearth of job opportunities. There are many international projects which are outsourced to India creating job opportunities again. The media and entertainment industry is quite dependent on VFX for completing their work. So, for the next decade or so, the future of VFX looks good and promising.
  • The salary offered is another major attraction for the current generation. Most of the companies involved pay good salaries. Getting handsome salary package right after the completion of the course enables them to pay off their student loan easily.
  • Another reason is that a VFX artist can work according to his schedule or mood. In other words, he can freelance. It gives him an added option of taking up as many projects he can and helps him earn good money. He can be choosy and select only those projects which make excite or challenge him. This helps them in developing as a better VFX artist.
  • Job security is another factor which attracts the students to take up VFX courses. As there is no dearth of VFX jobs currently, job security is there. One doesn’t have to worry about the future of his job while working. This helps the VFX artist in coming up with good quality of work.
  • Last, but not the least it is a creative job. It will suit and attract the persons who are imaginative in nature and want to make different and difficult things possible on the screen. The job satisfaction is quite high, when compared to other fields.


To become a good VFX artist, one has to get a degree from a reputed place. The institute should have good faculties to guide and mentor the students. It should also have a good and updated lab for practical purpose. Hi Tech Animation is the best institute for VFX training in Kolkata.It has a very good placement record which is a must for any institute. Students passing out from this academy are already working in very good companies.

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