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Why Virtual Reality Is So Important In Hollywood Films Now

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Virtual reality is the upcoming trend of this decade. It is an established fact that the demand of the audience continues to escalate over the years. If we take a peek look at the history of cinema, we’ll know that it evolved from black and white over the plain screen to colored and now even 3D and 7D in format. We need to get the fact that virtual reality is in the highest demand over the years.

VR is the sole reason why Hollywood is appreciated on so many levels. Adding to that we must get the fact that virtual reality is the most recent step that has been taken in the world of digital media. The reason for its established prominence is that virtual reality will be taking over the movies. We all prefer to watch most the action and superhero movies in either 3D or 7D format. There is nothing stopping the cinema world to take a leap and jump to the virtual reality format. Virtual reality adding to that gives an essence of the world that doesn’t exist in reality.


Virtual reality has its own magic and charisma in terms of appealing to the audience. It is very common theme in science fiction movies, where it is often used a way to turn the fantastical into something that seems totally real.  Moreover, virtual reality is preferred by the audience on so many levels where it’s simply better than anything else ever seen on the screen. VR is the most exquisite of all the other formats alive on the screen. Adding to that virtual reality deals with all sorts of technologies that has ever come into existence. The technologies which play  the lead role in creating such a virtual world are visual effects and graphics. The films now use a super talented team of visual effects artists and graphics designer to create this magical world.


In conclusion, we can simply state that virtual reality will become the default placement for all the Hollywood movies. There are only a handful of such movies that have existed in the form of virtual reality. In no time, we’ll see that virtual reality has taken over the entire globe and even in the theatres. The only obstruction that stands in between virtual reality and it becoming a global explosion is the prices that might charge  to take such shows.

3 Hollywood Movies Using Virtual Reality Successfully

In the upcoming age of digital media virtual reality is gaining quick ground and many a Hollywood movies tend to use it for their post production. There are many movies whose remake was done in the virtual reality format. Among many of these movies these are the three Hollywood movies that have been using virtual reality successfully.

 The lawnmower man 2 : beyond Cyberspace


This particular film, being a product of the nineties was originally made in the 2D format but over the time we could process it in virtual reality format where the audience could watch the scenes in a manner where it looked like they are inside the very environment. Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace is a 1996 science fiction film, and the sequel to The Lawnmower Man, which was titled after Stephen King short stories of the same title, but the stories are unrelated.



Brainscan is a 1994 horror science fiction film starring Edward Furlong, Frank Langella, Amy Hargreaves, Jamie Marsh, and T. Ryder Smith. However, MGM backed out of plans to release the experimental picture in the new format. Trumbull instead shot the virtual reality sequences in 24 frames-per-second Super Panavision 70 with an aspect ratio of 2.2:1. The rest of the film was shot in conventional 35 mm with an aspect ratio of approximately 1.7 to 1.



The multimedia used in this particular film is beyond comparison. The multimedia effects inculcated in this film got it several awards and tons of appreciation. Considering the fact that this film had a hint of virtual reality in it as well. After it was shown in the format of virtual reality to the audience it was highly acclaimed and received positive acclaim all over.

We can conclude the fact that these films have a higher edge in terms of their story-line and plot. Now we understand that virtual reality can be specifically embedded in certain films with plots that will be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the audience. Visual effects and the role of multimedia is a very prominent factor when it comes to the making of such films in the first place. The films which are usually dragged in this genre are capable of viewing all the visual effects in the form of virtual reality. As we’ve established before that virtual reality is the new trend of cinema in the upcoming times, with the help of multimedia means and visual effects we are going to enter the domain of virtual reality.

The Scope Of Getting A Job For A Good Multimedia Artist


Multimedia is a combination of various things like video, images, symbols used to create a message for communicating with an audience. It is instrumental in the success of every organization. It is being widely used ever since the development and increased penetration of the internet in every corner of our life. It is the current hot career choice among the today`s youth. It is a much diversified field which has many different types of job profiles for the interested people.

A multimedia work can be many things. It can be related to graphic designing, web designing or even providing VFX for a movie. So, one can safely assume that multimedia works or jobs are somehow related to the computers and they are a lot similar to each other. It is not easy field, where one can just drop in and join. One has to be certified from a reputed place in order to succeed in the concerned field. The best way to enter this field is by enrolling in an institute which provides multimedia courses.

ME E-Recovered mn

The scope of getting a job for a good multimedia artist is quite bright. A good multimedia artist is always in demand as there are many jobs already there and more in the pipeline related to the multimedia work. As the internet`s effect is spreading all over the world, the importance of a good website can’t be overlooked. Thus, a multimedia person comes into play here. He will be responsible for the making of a good website. Similarly, a graphic designer may be employed to create print ads to get the customers attracted to the products offered by the company.

ME E- com

A Few years back, the quality of special effects or the VFX was not that impressive. Nowadays, we are witnessing some amazing movies being made everywhere with the help of multimedia related effects. It is helping in creating scenes which were unheard or unimaginable few years back. It has really boosted the animation industry also. The animation industry has developed and improved manifolds. Keeping all these things in mind, one can definitely see that a multimedia student will be spoilt for choices, if he decides to pursue a career in the multimedia field. The scope and the future of this field looks only bright. The demand for a good multimedia artist will be there for some time, as it is a growing field.

If the amazing world of multimedia amazes and attracts you, then you should join HI Tech Animation, as it is the best place for learning multimedia courses in Kolkata. It has a 100% placement record with the best teaching staffs.

What A Multimedia Artist Can Learn From The Movie Jungle Book


The Jungle Book is a Walt Disney movie based on the famous novel by Rudyard Kipling. It is written by Justin Marks. It is a story about a boy named Mowgli, who is an orphan and is raised by the animals in the wild jungle. The movie has used CGI animation technique and the results are awesome. It was both critically and financially successful. It is one of the highest earning movies of 2016. The movie will remain a landmark achievement in the movie list of Walt Disney. A multimedia artist can learn a lot of things from this movie.

The Jungle Book movie couldn’t have been possible without the multimedia work by the creators of the movie. The movie had only one living person in it and the rest all were created using various VFX techniques. The special effects of the movie were so brilliantly done that it was very hard to believe that only the boy Mowgli was real and the rest were artificially created. It had many features such as live action scenes, animated scenes, etc. It gave the audience the virtual tour of the Indian jungle.

It is very difficult to create any character. In the movie, they created a huge number of characters. Various virtual cameras along with computer simulation technique was used in making this masterpiece. The team consisted of 800 artists, who created more than 50 animal species. The animation was very carefully planned. Each scene was briefed before creating it. All the proper camera angles were decided after choosing the perfect one. The animation team imagined how a certain character would react in a particular situation.

julgl book and mo

The animals were pretty tricky to create. Each animal has its own feature which is different from others. Mowgli`s best friend Baloo, a bear was round and huge in shape. He had big hands with pretty long nails. Similarly, Bagheera, Sher Khan had to be created very carefully without overlooking any important feature. For creating animals, puppets were used while shooting and they were later replaced with the special effects. Various shots were taken of the jungles in India for the purpose of creating jungle in the movie. The animals were created using key frame animation method with some assistance from the recorded footage of real animals. This movie led to the increase in demand for multimedia courses in Kolkata.

If you also wish to be a successful animation creator, then you must choose the correct course from the various multimedia courses available. The institute should have a good infrastructure along with a good teaching staff. Hi Tech Animation is one such institute. It also has a 100% placement record.

A Career In Multimedia Can Be Fun


Multimedia courses are about learning the art of creating graphics, animation, video and other designs through a computerised form of media in comparison to the traditional media. In other words, multimedia is a digital media, where all the works are done with the help of computer tools or software.  It is true that learning multimedia is one of the most fun filled learning courses, but you can enjoy your career life, after the completion of the courses as well.


You can choose from the various options available in this course and make your career in it. You can be an animator or a VFX wizard or a graphic designer or a web developer or a video editor. These are the fields, where you can work as a professional expert. Having a career in multimedia is not only about the job opportunities available in the industry, you can also enjoy your professional life, while working as an expert in any of these fields. There are a number of reasons why a career in multimedia can be interesting.

  • Any of the field related to multimedia, whether it is animation, graphics, website or movie, you need to create different designs, character, background and environment every day. Unlike other fields, these jobs are not at all about doing the same stuff every day. Every project challenge your ability to create something new and innovative.
  • Apart from mind challenging projects, you get the opportunity to learn something new every now and then. By doing something new, you tend to make mistakes as well, which help you in learning from your mistakes. Not only that, these learning sessions are the time when you find alternate and various other ways to finish the project.
  • Apart from innovating different ideas and learning, you can be your own boss as well. It is not necessary that you have to stick with a company to make a career in the field of multimedia. You can work as a freelancer as well. You can work from anywhere and anytime you want. You can choose the project of your choice and earn a good amount of money.
  • Last but not the least, you will never run out of opportunities. There is always an opening in the multimedia related industries. You can pursue your dream career anywhere you want, and lead a carefree life, where you can create new things with a peaceful mind.


Hi-Tech Animation is one of the best institute, which offers various multimedia courses and helps you in achieving your dream by getting you placed in the top companies.

What Are The Toughest Parts Of A Multimedia Course?

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A multimedia course teaches you to combine words, images or videos to produce a story and make it reach to the target audiences. It has become a very important part of our media industry. It is constantly pushing the boundaries created by the present multimedia industry. Learning a multimedia course is the latest fad in the education sector. Youngster are lining up outside the institutes offering multimedia courses. It has a quite bright future ahead.

Learning Multimedia is not an easy task. Many students drop out of the course within few weeks. It has its own set of difficulties. The most important thing required to be a part of the multimedia industry is creativity. Creativity is not something which anyone can get it overnight. It takes time to develop as you have to be patient. Most people assume that they can become a multimedia expert without being creative.

A multimedia expert has to think out of the box as different and complicated situations may arise due to the client`s demand at the last moment. You have to be always prepared to change according to the situation. Flexibility is another character trait of a multimedia expert. Without it, one can never learn multimedia and become an expert.

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Almost everything in a multimedia course is related to the computers. You have to be computer savvy in order to learn all the basic nuances of the subject. Many people who drop out of this course are not comfortable with the world of computers. One has to be updated with all the happening sin the tech world. He has to know about all the software and tools required in the multimedia process. Multimedia means drawing. You have to be a decent artist in order to do well in the course.


One has to decide beforehand the field in which he wants to specialise. This will give him clarity to succeed in the field. It is always better not to rush into things at once. Instead, you should give it ample time in order to get familiar with the new course. One has to be a good listener in the class, while the lectures are going on. This will help him in doing the practical works easily. You have to be attentive all the times in the class in order to keep up with the pace.

There are very few places offering a good multimedia course. Hi Tech Animation is the best institute when it comes to multimedia courses in Kolkata. It has a wonderful team of teachers with industry experience and a fantastic modern lab for all the practical works. 100% placement is it’s another USP. Start your dream career here.

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