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5 Great Indian Animators

The animators are like the magicians, who create magic on the screen by converting their imagination into reality. They possess the skills to think out of the box and amaze us with their creativity on the screen. India is considered to be the richest country when it comes to art. The Indian cinema has given us some great animators whose works are still considered to be an achievement in the field of animation. The 5 greatest Indian animators of all time are:

Ram Mohan

Ram Mohan: The Indian animation industry cannot be complete without the name of the veteran animator Ram Mohan. He is also known as the “Father of Indian Animation” and is a several time National Award Winner for his amazing works in “Baap Re Baap”, “You Said It” and “Fire Games”.  He has also contributed in the making of animation songs and sequences of Indian films. He was also awarded the “Padma Shri Award” for his contribution in the field of animation.

Bhimsain Khurana

Bhimsain Khurana: Bhimsain Khurana: Bhimsain is one of the most eminent animators of India. Born in Multan, he came to Lucknow after the partition of India. He won National Film Award for Best Promotional Film “Ek Anek Aur Ekta”. Later in the year 1995, 96 and 98 he also won Nation Film award for Best animated film.  His work “Ek Anek Aur Ekta” is one of the most popular short animated films from India.

Kireet Khurana

Kireet Khurana:  Son of Bhimsain Khurana (an animation pioneer in India), Kireet got his early education on animation at home. A National Award Winner for his short animated film “Mahagiri”, Kireet has directed 300 plus ad films and 12 short films in his career. He has also directed India’s first live action and 3D animation film “Toonpur Ka Superhero”.

Gayatri Rao

Gayatri Rao: With an internship in Walt Disney studios, Gayatri Rao is one of the finest Animator of India. She has always stunned the audiences and critics with her social awareness messages through short animated films. She has also won the National Award for Best Animation Director for the film “Raju & I” in 20015. She has also won the UNESCO Award for directing animation film “Mahakapi” in 1998.

Rajiv Chilaka

Dr. Rajiv Chilaka: Dr.Chilaka is another famous and successful animator of India. Founder of the Green Gold Animation, Dr.Chilaka is also the creator of the famous animation series and movie “Chhota Bheem” and many other animation videos. Green Gold Animation is one of the largest animation company in India, which has produced a number of famous animated series and films in the recent years.

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