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Top 3 Animation Institutes in Kolkata

Animation is one of the leading industries in today’s day and age. The growth of animation industries is unbelievable and rapid. When it comes to Kolkata, the sector of animation is nowhere lagging behind. Here is the list of top 3 animation institutes in Kolkata.

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Hi-Tech Animation Academy

Hi-Tech animation academy is the best institute in terms of imparting knowledge in the field of animation and it’s all other aspects. Throughout the years this institute this institute has produced hundreds of excellent animators, graphic designers, film editors etc. In addition to all this Hi-Tech has its very own production house and avails its students the opportunity to get a hand on hand experience with the craft. When it comes to 3D animation and VFX this institute has surely set the bar to a whole another level.  If you wish to make a successful career in the animation and VFX industry then Hi-Tech animation is the place for you to be. After the successful completion of the course at Hi-Tech we assure you with 100% placement assistance.


MAAC is a premium education institute that specializes in 3D Animation & VFX education. It is the perfect institute for someone who wants to make a high-flying career in Animation.If you think you are creative & want to enter the industry fast, this is the right place for you! MAAC is the best institute for your animation and VFX career oriented dreams. The animation classes at this institute are highly professional and equipped.

Arena Animation

Arena animation is one of the most advanced animation institute in Kolkata. Be it 3D animation, VFX, game designing or any other sector of the animation industry, this institute is expertise in all. Like many other animation institutes, Arena animation provides you with 100% placement assistance at the end of completion of your course. At Arena animation you’ll be learning to master the tools from the very basic and grass root level to highly skilled professional level. This institute will prepare you for a successful career and well defined job in the animation industry. If you wish to learn animation from the best, choose the best.

5 Tips For Learning 3D Animation


In order to learn 3d animation you must be accepting of the fact that it is one of the most creative and subtly innovative field one can opt for. You need to keep the following tips in mind before you set on the path for learning animation. These are 5 quick tips that you need to consider for learning animation.

Build up your drawing and animation skill

The first and most important on the list is to begin keeping a sketchbook! The sketchbook is an exercise that will build up your skills regardless of what aspect of animation that you are interested in.  You’ve probably never had to do this before but in case of animation you’ll need to learn basic artistes of drawing and designing with hand.

3d 3

Get a head start on some animation exercises that you will most likely be doing first in animation school

Start with the Bouncing Ball tutorial since it is the exercise that just about every school will give you to get used to the animation principles of squash and stretch, timing, spacing, volume, and arcs. Start out doing the exercise in 2d animation, to learn the foundations of the animation principles and not have the interface of a 3d package to distract you from the performance. In this manner when the elements of the course are introduced to you, it won’t be a newbie and you won’t feel like a stranger to the course.

 Watch animation films

I’m not asking you to watch just good animation films. Instead watch all kinds of animation films of all the different genres in that way you will be able to understand the craft well and finer manner. First and foremost analyzing the story. At the end of the day, all animation is a means to tell a story that could not be told in live action. The way where it is stated that you can’t write good if you don’t read good similarly you can’t make good animation movies if you don’t watch good animation movies. Observation is the key to creating better.

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 Stay Updated

The animation industry though is very vast in terms of its job and other inhibitions but when it comes to addition of projects and installments of new technologies there is never a setback. You need to be socially active to know what’s going on in the world of animation. Doing that you’ll be more perfected in the field.

 Be individualistic

It is important that you have your own individual and monotonous ideas to pursue the field further. Already a lot has been done in this field and you must work towards doing more with your own capabilities. Remember that you can never succeed in this particular field if you continue to trace on other’s work and established teachings.

In the end you must know that 3D animation is one of the most progressed field in the whole industry. You can pursue a very successful career in 3D animation by taking up a good animation course from a reputed institute.

The Skills Of A Game Animator

Gameing Animation 2

A game animator deals with all the essential key features straight from designing of the characters, plots, setups, coding and till bringing the finish product in front to the people. Video game animation is a speciality within the computer animation field that focuses on game design and interactive aspects of animation uniquely associated with video gaming. Video game animators combine art and technology to create interactive animated images and environments for video games.

Gameing Animation 3

A game animator has many such skills which make him worthy enough to design and bring an entire game to life. The primary work of a game animator includes Devising what a game consists of and how it plays, defining all the core elements and communicating this to the rest of the development team who create the art assets and computer code. Game Designers devise what a game consists of and how it plays. They plan and define all the elements of a game: its setting; structure; rules; story flow; characters; the objects, props, vehicles, and devices available to the characters; interface design; and modes of play. Once the game is devised, the Game Designer communicates this to the rest of the development team who create the art assets and computer code that allow the game to be played.

Gameing Animation

The basic skills that you will need are computer programming and knowledge of programming languages, coding, problem solving and critical thinking, knowledge of audio and video equipment, written and verbal communication. There are many animation courses available in the city as well that will help you master and perfect the skills of game designing and animation. For starters, you must be capable of thinking outside the box. Any concept for a video game that you originally had in mind has, in all likelihood, already been done before. You must be original and inventive in coming up with new ideas for games. It will help if you are an avid reader because reading widens your perspective and gives you that much-needed mental exercise to put your imagination to work as well.

Finally, you must have management skills as well. Gaming companies are often under pressure to come up with the best games for computer and video game consoles due to the competition in the field. When it comes to Kolkata there are so many institutes offering you a course in animation that will teach you how to design games on your own. Now even you can create your imagination and bring it to reality.

What Is The Future Of 3D Animation?

3d man

3d animation is gaining a solid ground in the coming times and there is no way that it is going to droop in the future. Since the advent of animation films and animation series in 3D this industry has only shown upward trends. It is the most used animation type across the globe. The modern audience has a high relativity towards the 3D animation presented to them. The animation industry is growing strong and will continue to do so. Over the last two decades, animated movies have outperformed all other genres of film at the domestic and worldwide box office.

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Not to forget that 3D animation has almost eradicated 2D animation series which were prevailing for a long run as well. 3D animation is used as a business tool nevertheless. The future of 3D animation is limitless. Over the years, technology has advanced animation farther than most could have imagined. Each year we have new tools and techniques that allow us to create things quicker and easier than the year before. There is also a larger resource pool to pull artists from which I believe has helped grow the industry. Animation is used in all areas of our lives now and the only real limitation is one’s imagination. It’s not just the movie industry we’re talking about, many animators decide to run independent and showcase their animation skills on the digital platform, such as YouTube, Flickr, Vine etc.

The future of animation lies in the ability of creativity to continue to dream and explore new possibilities. The dissemination of wonderful software to the masses and freedom from constraints means it’s up to you and what lies in your head, not the capabilities of your machine. 3D animation is expanding and providing a broad scope to enroll and learn animation courses as well. There are several institutes which impart training for 3D animation. With changing dynamics the integrity and value is only elevating for 3D animation. The future of animation is interactive. The audience, no matter what the age group, is increasingly savvy in their knowledge of navigating and interacting with content. It’s one thing to watch great animation, but the audience wants to experience this content in their own way.

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Another reason why you should pick up a 3D animation course is because worldwide; more people are consuming content on mobile devices than on DVD or even in the cinema. Short-form animation and games, which require a lot of animation, are extremely popular. Across the world there are millions who have advanced mobile devices yet do not even have electricity in their homes. The demand for content is growing immeasurably and the artists and animators who strive to meet that demand will find great success. The world of modern day gaming is completely and entirely dependent on 3D animation that is fed in them.

In conclusion, the 3D animation industry has paved a very successful path for itself and gained it’s ground in almost all the forms of digital content consumed by us. There is ample number of 3D animation courses available as well just at your reach for the instance. The animation industry will grow to much higher reaches and there are many a opportunities for you to find and explore your creativity out to the world.

How To Learn Facial Animation

learn Facial Animation 2

Computer facial animation is primarily an area of computer graphics that encapsulates methods and techniques for generating and animating images or models of a character face. The character can be a human, a humanoid, an animal, a fantasy creature or character, etc. All the facial modulations of cartoons that you see are done with this method itself.  It includes analysing the facial expressions of a character and moulding it according to our own preference. You might remember Olaf from Frozen and it’s out of the world expressions. Those were done using facial animation only.

Facial animation is no rocket science and even you can learn it by taking up a good animation course. The main techniques used to apply facial animation to a character are: morph targets animation, bone driven animation, texture-based animation (2D or 3D), and physiological models. Now these are a few of the many types of animation techniques that are used in facial animation methods. Moreover by learning facial animation you get the liberty to change and shape the faces according to your own will. It has added advantages right with it’s learning inception. You will immediately notice that the characters are stunningly realistic, as if you’re looking at the real actors and actresses, rather than video game animations.

learn Facial Animation

All this is solely possible due to the knowledge of facial animation skills. There are several animation institutes in Kolkata where you can learn the craft of facial animation along with other aspects of animation as well and this can help you to create different characters as per your will. Learning animation can open your career options to a wide range of career prospects in the increasing dynamic entertainment industry.

In this art you will learn different software such as Adobe Photoshop, Moviemaker and many more which help you master the craft. Forget about expensive equipment, sticky markers, endless importing and exporting from and to several 3D programs; with the advent of modern technology you can create facial differentiation right in front of your computer screen. Anything you ever imagined or any character that was stuck in your mind can come to reality with effort of facial animation.

Simply with the click of a mouse and a tad bit of training with handling the software you can replace faces and create your own reality. It’s no headwork to find an animation school in Kolkata and learn facial animation.

How To Create A Cruel Animation Character


Every story, whether it is a book or an animated series or movie has a villain or an evil character in it. It is important as everything in life has two sides, good and evil. It is an important part of any storyline as it is very crucial for the story to move ahead. No one would be interested in a story with no problems and villains. A lot of efforts and hard work is required for the making of an evil or cruel character.

The foremost thing to do while creating a cruel character is to decide the extent of his evilness in the story. This will give you a fair idea of the character. Generally, all the characters in an animated production are pretty stereotypes. For example, the hero is always handsome, while his love interest is always beautiful. Similarly, the villains are always crooked looking big creatures like Ursula in the movie The Little Mermaid or Jafar in Aladdin.


The research part is always very crucial while developing a cruel character. It has to be imagined in the mind before creating or sketching it. A rough sketch always helps in these situations. A cruel character always has big or round faces with tough physical attributes. The eyes of the cruel characters are very important. They have big and sharp piercing eyes. All the famous animated movies or series have been successful also due to the presence of a strong evil or cruel character. For example, the wicked Queen or Queen Grimhilde in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was equally responsible for making the movie a success.


The level of animation has gone up several notches in the last few years. This has led to the creation of more evil and cruel characters. With the rapid development in the form of 3d technology, the cruel characters are looking more menacing and dangerous. The use of CGI or computer based animation has given us many irreplaceable cruel characters. Lastly, a good voice-over is very important to make any character succeed in making an impression. The voice of the cruel character should be rough and tough.

If you also want to be a part of the animation industry and create memorable characters, then you should opt for a good animation institute. There are quite a few animation institutes in Patna. But, you should choose an institute which has all the basic facilities required by a student to succeed in a course. It should also have a 100% placement record. Hi-Tech animation is definitely one such institute.

Funny Parts of Creating Animation


Animation is a process by which different drawings of anything are put together with a background music to produce a story. Animation has become an integral part of our life. It is the imagination coming to life. It is present everywhere these days. The importance of animation can be measured from the fact that it is needed in almost every field, from educational software to an animated movie for the children.

Animation is no mean task. It requires a great deal of patience and creativity. A good animator should be very imaginative and have a knack of thinking differently from other people. He should be flexible enough to accommodate the need or the last minute changes by the client. He should be a good team player and work efficiently with the whole team. Animation is a process which is evolving with each passing day. So, a good animator should be well acquainted with the world of technology. He should be computer savvy too with a good drawing ability.


The best or the funniest part of creating animation is that the process doesn’t require you to be a serious all the time. It is like creating an art, and the same time getting paid for it. The work is never monotonous and the projects always challenge your thinking capacity. It will keep you on the hook and as a result, you will not be bored at all. The best part about it is that a person with a basic drawing skill and a certain level of creativeness can still become very successful in this field. The more you think out of the box, the chances of succeeding increases.


Animation is one of those rare professions, where you can work as a freelancer and still earn a good amount of money. It means that an animator can do his work from the confines of his home. The sofa becomes the workstation for the freelancing animator. It is very fruitful being an animator, as it gives you a creative satisfaction. With the success of the digital revolution, animators are in demand everywhere. So, it is safe to say that the latest trending career option is definitely animation.  Animation has become omnipresent. Every media related organisation is recruiting animation experts for the success of the firm.

If you also want to be a part of this cool industry, then you should opt for a degree in animation from good animation institute. Hi Tech animation is the best place to start your career in animation as it has the best teaching faculty along with a 100% placement record.

Animation: The Only Industry Where You Can Have Fun While Working

2d Animation character boy

Animation has become an integral part of our life. From movies, advertising to TV series and other industry, animation plays an important role in almost every field. The use of animation has also increased after the advent of 3D animation. Its popularity and demand have also led many aspirants to take this field as a career. There is also a reason, why students are choosing animation over other fields because working in this industry is a quite fun too.

In animation industry, you have to create different things every day. This breaks the monotony of the work and makes this industry different from others in terms of work pressure. Doing the same thing every day makes a person get bored with that work and the interest in his career starts to decline.But this doesn’t happen with the animation creators. The animation experts find their work more fascinating as they are creating different and innovative stuffs every day. It enhances the creativity of the animators and improves their quality of work.  As a result, they deliver some exquisite piece of works to entertain the audiences.

2d Animation character girl

Experimenting with the new things can sometimes be tricky. The things might not go with the plans and the animator has to recreate the whole thing from the beginning. This brings forward the spontaneousquality of the expert, which means being an animator, you must carry a plan B in your pocket and use it whenever it is necessary. It challenges the creativity and innovativeness of the animators. It again proves that in the animation industry, you just cannot sit idle and wait for the things to happen on its own. It also makes this field more engaging and interesting in comparison to other professional fields.

2d Animation character girls

Due to these facts about the animation industry, it can be said that this field is the best option to make a career in as it is both full of fun and new opportunities. The professionals of this field get the opportunities of learning new things every day, which in another way is also quite interesting. You can also be the part of this intriguing industry by choosing animation course from an animation institute.

Hi-Tech Animation is the leading animation institute in Kolkata. You can learn all the aspects of animation under the guidance of cooperative mentors. With great infrastructure and advanced animation equipments, this institute is the right place to start your animation career. If you look into its placement history, then you will find positive feedbacks from most of the ex-students.

The Best Animation Institute in Kolkata

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The job opportunities for the animators have increased in the recent years after its increased demand extended from the film industry to other organisations. These growing opportunities and decent salary packages have tempted many students to take up animation as a career. It is but obvious that with the growing number of animation aspirants, the number of the institute will also rise.

According to the experts, it is necessary to do a research on different institute which can help you in achieving your dream career. If you are looking for an animation institute in Kolkata, then you don’t need to look further, because Hi-Tech Animation is the best animation institute in town. I am sure by the end of this blog, you will definitely agree with me that this institute is the right place to learn animation.

Why choose Hi-Tech Animation?


I will start from the faculty members. All the teachers are from the industry and have the knowledge about the current industry trends, like what are the latest techniques in use, how to solve the software problems while developing an animation and how to create an advanced type of animation? Having this knowledge can help the students not only in enhancing their skills, but also preparing them for their professional life. These faculty members guide the students in the projects during the course.

Let me tell you about Hi-Tech Animation’s infrastructure which is also essential in learning animation. The very fact, that this institute owns a production house, which has all the latest equipment necessary to learn all aspects of animation. Hi-Tech’s students get the opportunity to work with the professionals during the ongoing projects of the production house while they are still learning animation. This helps the students in getting an idea of the real working environment.

As far as the placement is concerned, then one can easily rely on this animation academy because of its 100% job guarantee. If you look at its placement history, then you will be amazed to see that all the students of this institution are working with the top companies. In fact, most of the students are hired by the institute itself for its production house, before the completion of the course.

These facts are the reason why Hi-Tech Animation is the best institute in Kolkata. Thus, if you are planning a career in animation, then you can start your journey by taking admission in this institute and achieve your dream. For more info, visit: For more info, visit

Benefits Of 3d Animation


3D animation is a process to create an animation with the help of computer related software. It is more in demand as compared to the traditional way of animation because it looks more realistic and the quality is not shabby. It is three dimensional in nature. Nowadays, all animation related works generally use this new method. It has many benefits.

2d ad 3d

They are:

  • It has brilliant visual effects. It has the power of creating a superb product even if the theme is of low quality. It can put life in any boring story line. It is very essential in attracting the customers in case of advertising. Web designers rely heavily on it to make a successful website.
  • It is very easy to portray a movement of an object when compared to the old way of animation. The whole movement of the body can be clearly seen with the naked eyes.
  • It is very effective in imaging products which have not yet been developed. It can create a three dimensional picture of anything to see whether it is feasible to go ahead with the plan. Builders often make a presentation with the animation of the building they are planning to make. This helps them in cutting the flaws and coming up with a full proof plan. It is also very essential when the company concerned is looking for funds from the market.
  • It is very easy to explain things in this format as compared to the traditional ones. This method helps in spreading more information in a lesser amount of time.
  • This is a very effective method of advertising your products. If done properly, it can boost your company`s image and reach the homes of the targeted audience. It will give you maximum accessibility to your prospective buyers.
  • The use of this animation is very effective in a website as it keeps the audiences hooked on to it with the various innovative ways. The more they stay on the website, the more it will help the company.
  • It sends out a positive message about your company that you are a modern organization and thus are using the latest animation technique. This will better the reputation of the company.
  • The best thing about using 3D animation is that the results look amazingly real. It is like watching the product as if it is really happening in the real world. This increases the impact of the 3d animation.

2d ad 3d car

3D animation has come a long way not only in India, but also in Kolkata. With the booming animation industry, 3D animation course in Kolkata is high in demand. Hi Tech Animation is one of the most successful and reputed animation institute, when it comes to making good 3D animators. It has the best faculties and placement record. What are you waiting for? Come and join.

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