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Top 3 Animation Institutes in Kolkata

Animation is one of the leading industries in today’s day and age. The growth of animation industries is unbelievable and rapid. When it comes to Kolkata, the sector of animation is nowhere lagging behind. Here is the list of top 3 animation institutes in Kolkata.

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Hi-Tech Animation Academy

Hi-Tech animation academy is the best institute in terms of imparting knowledge in the field of animation and it’s all other aspects. Throughout the years this institute this institute has produced hundreds of excellent animators, graphic designers, film editors etc. In addition to all this Hi-Tech has its very own production house and avails its students the opportunity to get a hand on hand experience with the craft. When it comes to 3D animation and VFX this institute has surely set the bar to a whole another level.  If you wish to make a successful career in the animation and VFX industry then Hi-Tech animation is the place for you to be. After the successful completion of the course at Hi-Tech we assure you with 100% placement assistance.


MAAC is a premium education institute that specializes in 3D Animation & VFX education. It is the perfect institute for someone who wants to make a high-flying career in Animation.If you think you are creative & want to enter the industry fast, this is the right place for you! MAAC is the best institute for your animation and VFX career oriented dreams. The animation classes at this institute are highly professional and equipped.

Arena Animation

Arena animation is one of the most advanced animation institute in Kolkata. Be it 3D animation, VFX, game designing or any other sector of the animation industry, this institute is expertise in all. Like many other animation institutes, Arena animation provides you with 100% placement assistance at the end of completion of your course. At Arena animation you’ll be learning to master the tools from the very basic and grass root level to highly skilled professional level. This institute will prepare you for a successful career and well defined job in the animation industry. If you wish to learn animation from the best, choose the best.

Animation Industry- Worth Spending On Education

 2d Animation character

The Animation industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the current industrial scenario. It is doing quite well, when it comes to the placement scenario. Animation is a process of creating a movement of objects with the help of drawings and software. It is used to create things which are not possible in real life. It is very helpful in forecasting things or looking at things and deciding how it would look in the future. For example, before constructing a building an animation of the building with the help of the proposed plan can be very beneficial, as the people can see how the building would look finally.

To be successful in the field of animation, one has to get certified from a decent institute, if not the best. This will give the student an added edge over the other competitors in the field. The number of animation aspirants is increasing day by day. It is only normal that the most deserving or the creamy layer of the students will be in high demand and they will be placed early.

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An institute plays a very vital role in shaping anyone`s career. A good institute will always have a good teaching staff along with a good infrastructure. Learning animation is all about creating animation along with the theory classes. A lab with all the modern facilities will facilitate the growth of the student. Now, animation is omnipresent. Gone are the days, when it was confined only to the entertainment sector. In today`s world, animation is required in the medical sector in the form of teaching students about the different shapes of the human body and also in the real estate , where the builders show the prospective buyers the final model of the proposed building using the animation software.


It can be said that animation is an industry, which is worth spending on its education. It is a rising industry, which will return the investment of a guardian with fulfilling job offers. It is growing in demand day by day. The opportunities in this field are endless. Animation has helped the mankind in many ways. With the development of mobile phones and the penetration of internet in the market, animation`s influence will only increase. So, it is very important to get certified from a good place in order to be successful in this field.

With the growing popularity of animation, the demand for the course has increased. Hi Tech animation is the only animation institute in Kolkata, which provides a good and industry relevant course. It has all the things required to be a good animation institute. What are you waiting for? Come and join.

Funny Parts of Creating Animation


Animation is a process by which different drawings of anything are put together with a background music to produce a story. Animation has become an integral part of our life. It is the imagination coming to life. It is present everywhere these days. The importance of animation can be measured from the fact that it is needed in almost every field, from educational software to an animated movie for the children.

Animation is no mean task. It requires a great deal of patience and creativity. A good animator should be very imaginative and have a knack of thinking differently from other people. He should be flexible enough to accommodate the need or the last minute changes by the client. He should be a good team player and work efficiently with the whole team. Animation is a process which is evolving with each passing day. So, a good animator should be well acquainted with the world of technology. He should be computer savvy too with a good drawing ability.


The best or the funniest part of creating animation is that the process doesn’t require you to be a serious all the time. It is like creating an art, and the same time getting paid for it. The work is never monotonous and the projects always challenge your thinking capacity. It will keep you on the hook and as a result, you will not be bored at all. The best part about it is that a person with a basic drawing skill and a certain level of creativeness can still become very successful in this field. The more you think out of the box, the chances of succeeding increases.


Animation is one of those rare professions, where you can work as a freelancer and still earn a good amount of money. It means that an animator can do his work from the confines of his home. The sofa becomes the workstation for the freelancing animator. It is very fruitful being an animator, as it gives you a creative satisfaction. With the success of the digital revolution, animators are in demand everywhere. So, it is safe to say that the latest trending career option is definitely animation.  Animation has become omnipresent. Every media related organisation is recruiting animation experts for the success of the firm.

If you also want to be a part of this cool industry, then you should opt for a degree in animation from good animation institute. Hi Tech animation is the best place to start your career in animation as it has the best teaching faculty along with a 100% placement record.

Animation: The Only Industry Where You Can Have Fun While Working

2d Animation character boy

Animation has become an integral part of our life. From movies, advertising to TV series and other industry, animation plays an important role in almost every field. The use of animation has also increased after the advent of 3D animation. Its popularity and demand have also led many aspirants to take this field as a career. There is also a reason, why students are choosing animation over other fields because working in this industry is a quite fun too.

In animation industry, you have to create different things every day. This breaks the monotony of the work and makes this industry different from others in terms of work pressure. Doing the same thing every day makes a person get bored with that work and the interest in his career starts to decline.But this doesn’t happen with the animation creators. The animation experts find their work more fascinating as they are creating different and innovative stuffs every day. It enhances the creativity of the animators and improves their quality of work.  As a result, they deliver some exquisite piece of works to entertain the audiences.

2d Animation character girl

Experimenting with the new things can sometimes be tricky. The things might not go with the plans and the animator has to recreate the whole thing from the beginning. This brings forward the spontaneousquality of the expert, which means being an animator, you must carry a plan B in your pocket and use it whenever it is necessary. It challenges the creativity and innovativeness of the animators. It again proves that in the animation industry, you just cannot sit idle and wait for the things to happen on its own. It also makes this field more engaging and interesting in comparison to other professional fields.

2d Animation character girls

Due to these facts about the animation industry, it can be said that this field is the best option to make a career in as it is both full of fun and new opportunities. The professionals of this field get the opportunities of learning new things every day, which in another way is also quite interesting. You can also be the part of this intriguing industry by choosing animation course from an animation institute.

Hi-Tech Animation is the leading animation institute in Kolkata. You can learn all the aspects of animation under the guidance of cooperative mentors. With great infrastructure and advanced animation equipments, this institute is the right place to start your animation career. If you look into its placement history, then you will find positive feedbacks from most of the ex-students.

Tips To Be A Great Animator

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Animation doesn’t mean creating animated series or movies for children only. Now, the use of animation is being seen in various organisations and fields. In fact, the scope in animation is increasing with the development of technology and its needs in various fields as well. Animation is an art, which needs some inherited as well as technical qualities. In order to become a good animation creator, you have to possess some extraordinary qualities with a fair knowledge of its software and technicalities. These are:

Tips of Animator walk

  • A good sense of humour is a must for the creation of animation. If your animation doesn’t make any sense to the audiences, then all of your efforts will go in vain. Unless your work succeeds to deliver the message, you cannot reach your targeted audiences.
  • Apart from the humour, you should think out of the box as well. Creating animation is an art and an innovative thinker has the ability to think differently from a normal person. A born animator can see small things like a leaf, a bird and other tiny things from a different angle and can create magic with their imaginary world.
  • Patience is an essential quality which can make you a successful animator. Animation is not like sitting on the computer screen and the magic will pop up on the screen. It takes months and years for the creation of a character and can be rejected by the art director, if he doesn’t like your animation.
  • Like I said, animation is an art and in order to be a good animator, your art or drawing should be excellent. You must excel in this quality, otherwise you won’t be able to convert your imagination into reality.
  • You must have the quality to work in a team. Animation is not a creation of a single person. Other experts like an art director, sound artist, story writer and visual artist contribute a lot in the making of animated movies or series. You have to collaborate with each of them for the development of the work.
  • Technical knowledge is a must for an animator for the creation of the animation. You should be aware of different and helpful animation tools for better quality of animation and to get the job done in less time.

Tips of Animator

These technicalities can be learnt from an animation institute which offers animation course. Hi-Tech Animation is one of the best animation institute in Kolkata, which provides 100% job guarantee as well.

The Best Animation Institute in Kolkata

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The job opportunities for the animators have increased in the recent years after its increased demand extended from the film industry to other organisations. These growing opportunities and decent salary packages have tempted many students to take up animation as a career. It is but obvious that with the growing number of animation aspirants, the number of the institute will also rise.

According to the experts, it is necessary to do a research on different institute which can help you in achieving your dream career. If you are looking for an animation institute in Kolkata, then you don’t need to look further, because Hi-Tech Animation is the best animation institute in town. I am sure by the end of this blog, you will definitely agree with me that this institute is the right place to learn animation.

Why choose Hi-Tech Animation?


I will start from the faculty members. All the teachers are from the industry and have the knowledge about the current industry trends, like what are the latest techniques in use, how to solve the software problems while developing an animation and how to create an advanced type of animation? Having this knowledge can help the students not only in enhancing their skills, but also preparing them for their professional life. These faculty members guide the students in the projects during the course.

Let me tell you about Hi-Tech Animation’s infrastructure which is also essential in learning animation. The very fact, that this institute owns a production house, which has all the latest equipment necessary to learn all aspects of animation. Hi-Tech’s students get the opportunity to work with the professionals during the ongoing projects of the production house while they are still learning animation. This helps the students in getting an idea of the real working environment.

As far as the placement is concerned, then one can easily rely on this animation academy because of its 100% job guarantee. If you look at its placement history, then you will be amazed to see that all the students of this institution are working with the top companies. In fact, most of the students are hired by the institute itself for its production house, before the completion of the course.

These facts are the reason why Hi-Tech Animation is the best institute in Kolkata. Thus, if you are planning a career in animation, then you can start your journey by taking admission in this institute and achieve your dream. For more info, visit: For more info, visit

How A Good Animation Institute Can Change Your Professional Life


Animation has become one of the most lucrative careers in the present world. With the increasing demand in the film industry and other entertainment media fields, companies are hiring animators like never before. Animators are not only getting the jobs in the industry, but also earning a good salary.

The rapid change in the increase in faith of the animators hasalso inspired many students to take up this field as a career. But there is a catch, a good animation institute is a must to start a career in animation. There are several reasons behind choosing a reputed institute for a brighter future. These are listed below:

Reputation matters: Doing an animation course from a reputed institute can help you in your internship process by getting you an internship from any top animation companies. Internship from a good company can help you in acquiring all the aspects of animation and challenge you to tackle the professional like situation beforehand. By adding the name of a reputed institute on your CV can add some extra points while getting you placed in the top companies as compared to the internship from an average institute.


The faculty and infrastructure are also very important: The good reputation of any educational institute is also the reflection of its good faculty members. Unless you have good teachers who can teach you about the subjects and prepare you for the future, you cannot reach anywhere in your life. A reputed institute hires industry experts as faculty members,who can help the students by enlightening them with their professional experiences and also prepare them for the future.

The Infrastructure of an institute includes the lab and the system. A good animation institute should have a proper lab and latest system which are necessary for doing the projects. Software should be up to date according to the current demand in order to teach the students all the aspects of animation and prepares them well.


Placement records cannot be ignored: A good and reputed animation institute should have a 100% placement record. These records help the students to concentrate more on their syllabus rather than on thinking about their job placement. Choosing a good animation course with an excellent placement record is considered to be the most important things for a brighter future from the student’s point of view.

Hi-Tech Animation is one of the best institute which offers various animation courses in Kolkata. With a highly advanced infrastructure and industry expert as faculty members, this institute helps the students in achieving their dream career.

How Learning Animation From A Reputed Animation Institute Can Change Your Career


Animation is a process of creating moving images from drawings, sketches or model. It gives a 2 or 3 dimensional effect of a particular object. Animation has become an integral part of our life. It is the current hot career option, everyone is talking about. A degree from a good institute is very vital for anyone pursuing any course. Learning animation from a reputed animation institute plays a very important role in anyone`s career. It affects in the following ways:


  • A degree from a good or reputed institute will always have more weightage than a degree from an average institute. A reputed institute will always help an animator in getting a better job, as compared to a person with a degree from a regular institute. It is always better to study in a reputed college, when it comes to professional courses like animation.
  • A reputed institute will definitely have a better placement record than the others. It will help the students in getting placed in good and better companies. This will help the students to focus more on the studies rather than focusing on the placement situation. It will give the students the freedom to explore the animation world.
  • A student from a good institute will always have better exposure to the animation industry, as the internship of the students concerned will be in better animation companies, which will help them in getting more acquainted with the challenges in the animation world.
  • A student passing out from a good or reputed institute will always have a better pay package as the employers will definitely offer them a higher pay as compared to a student from a mediocre institute. The salary point is a very important one, while deciding the institute for pursuing any course. If a student knows that the concerned institute`s candidates get higher salaries, then he will be able to concentrate more on the studies rather than worrying about the impending installment of student loan.
  • A good or a reputed institute will always have a better faculty than the others. A good teacher is the first step towards a good career. He will train the students with all his personal knowledge and skills. A good institute hires people from the industry itself, which help the students in getting a real idea about the competitive world.
  • Good institutes will always a have a lab for practicing. It will contain the system with the latest software. It will help the students while preparing their animation projects. It will be like being in a real situation, creating various animated projects as demanded by the clients.
  • A reputed institute will always have a better goodwill as compared to a normal institute. Clients will always prefer an animator from a reputed institute for doing their work. A normal animation institute animator will find it quite difficult to survive in the market. While freelancing, an animator from a good college will always get the type of animation work he wants.
  • A student belonging to a reputed institution will definitely have better personal skills as compared with the students from a normal institution. This will give him an extra edge over the other guy when they both will face each other as a competing service provider.
  • A degree from a good institute looks very good on anyone`s resume. It gives them a head start over the other competitors even before the real competition starts. It might look unfair, but that is how the things work in the real world.

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Though it is the capabilities of an individual matter at the end but a degree from a reputed institute surely has an added advantage if compared to the degree from other normal institutes. So, one should be really careful while choosing an institution for an animation degree.




As animation is our forte, our animation programmes have been the talk of the town. Few of the programmes in Star(ABP)Ananda are Buddha Mamata, Tiya kakatuya, Hirok Rajar Darabare, Shera Bangali, Dui khan kotha ache, Ho-jo- bo- ro- lo, RD Burman & Kishore, Gupi Bagha, Hulor Hullor, Action Replay, Kailash e Kelenkari and last but not the least Ghore Ghore Dashabhuja. Another Puja special programme in Rupashi Bangla Channel is Maa Durga Zindabaad which is worth mentioning.

We, at Hi-Tech Film & Broadcast, are proud to be a part of few major projects, and they are gaining us and the channel a lot of popularity. Few of them are unique, and few others are for pure fun. A glance at the projects that we are handling now, will enable you to have a better perspective on the range of work done by us and being done by us:

Francis- The animated serial aired in Roopashi Bangla every Sunday has the vivacious and bold Viking Francis fighting tooth and nail against pirates in the North Atlantic Ocean. This adventure series is full of twists and turns to keep the hearts of viewers racing.
Dance Bangla Dance Junior- Our 3D Characters, “Bhoot” and “Monkey” in Dance Bangla Dance Junior in Zee Bangla have taken on “MG” Mithun Chakraborty and the little contestants as they dance to win the reality dance competition.

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