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What Is The Future Of Animation In India?


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Animation has come a long way and its development has also been seen in the Indian animation industry. Creating animation is all about giving your imagination a picture on the screen and yes, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The animation industry has always had a place for the talented people. If I talk about the future of animation in India, then we can say that though the growth in this industry is not at par with the Hollywood, but still animation has a bright future in India for sure.

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The animators have a tough luck in the Indian film industry because the numbers of animated movies are very few in comparison to other countries. There are some feature films where the use of animation can be seen. It is the outsourced projects which have been kept the hope of the animators alive to be associated with the films where animation plays an important role. These project`s remuneration is quite handsome and has enriched the animation industry of India. This trend is here to stay and will only benefiting the Indian animation experts.  Apart from the film industry, there are a lot of opportunities for the animators to create magic with their skills. In the Television industry, a huge amount of animation works is in line, which requires the presence of these experts. A lot of the animated series was introduced on TV in the last decade and there are more in the pipeline, which will open immense job opportunities for the animators.

Many advertising companies are also hiring the animation experts in the creation of animation for their ads. With the introduction of e-learning methods, many educational organisations are hiring the animators for the creation of computer based learning software.  These organisations ask the animation experts to create an easier way of learning with the help of animation so that the students will enjoy as well as learn the subjects quickly. Gaming industry is another field where the opportunities for the talented people are increasing day by day. India has shown a tremendous growth in the field of gaming and based on the increasing demand in the coming years, this field will continue to hire 3D animators for the 3D animation games.

These facts clearly indicate that India is not going to lag behind in the field of animation in the years to come. Apart from film industry, which is still mostly dependent on outsourced jobs, other sectors like education, TV, advertising and medical, etc. are slowly and steadily increasing their demand for the animation experts. Thus, it can be said that animation is one of the flourishing industry in India and the opportunities will increase for the animators in the future.

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