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Why Storyboarding Is So Important In Animation?

story boarding

To understand the importance of storyboard in animation first you need to understand the importance of storyboard in general.  A storyboard is a graphic representation of how your video will unfold, shot by shot. It is made up of a number of squares with illustrations or pictures representing each shot, with note about what’s going on in the scene and what’s being said in the script during that shot. A storyboard is a designer’s visual representation of what he or she envisions the final project to look like. It typically consists of a series of hand-drawn ‘cells’ the size of a half-sheet of paper or an index card, which represent the initial vision of what the future project will look like.

It helps the creator to get a rough overview of the work that will be produced as the end result. For an animated film all the characters and scenes are first prepared in frames known as storyboard and later brought to life by the animators. Without the storyboard it is next to impossible to create the characters in the first place. The spine of any smooth production is its organization, and storyboarding is a key vertebra. Regarding this important phase of pre-visualization and pre production, the animation creator does use this storyboard to picturize the frame and storyline in his own formative assessment.

story boarding

Storyboards in a strict sense are traditionally done once a script has reached a certain plateau of finality — meaning it may not be locked outright, but only relatively minor alterations will be made in subsequent drafts. Gilliam here describes his story-boarding process sometimes affecting the script as new visual ideas come out, which is an interesting inversion of convention as I see it. He highlights the benefit of using storyboards as the skeletal basis of a scene’s structure, allowing out-of-sequence shooting to work just as well as shooting in-sequence with some creative variability for how to achieve each frame still retained by the shooting process itself.

story boarding

Moreover it is to be understood that before bringing anything to the digital screen the animation creator prefers to bring it in the form of a rough draft and storyboarding helps with that. It visually tells the story in still and 2D form within the frames of panels. Creating a storyboard will help you plan your animation out shot by shot. You can make changes to your storyboard before you start animating, instead of changing your mind later. You will also be able to talk about your animation and show your storyboard to other people to get feedback on your ideas. It helps you flow your ideas on paper and flesh out all the raw data hence increasing the range of options for you.

Career Opportunities In Animation Industry


Animation is a multi-billion dollar industry creating content for the entertainment industry since more than a century. In spite of the recent global economic crises, animation industry across the world has continued to grow at a rapid pace. In India too, despite its late entry, the animation industry is on the path of expansion and ready to experience a prolonged period of boom. What is more exciting is the fact that this industry would give employment to thousands of prospective 2-D and 3-D animators every year. This boom is further going to be fuelled by the outsourcing of animation project work by Disney and other animation giants to India.

Animation film

Often people misunderstand animation with cartoon but that’s not always the case. Animation works way beyond the cartoon industry and has employed people to a vast numbers. There are several courses you can take up for animation. A degree in animation can lead to a wide range of career paths. If you’re passionate about animation and willing to take it forward as a career path then you do have many opportunities lying ahead but at the same time you will be facing a huge amount of competition down the path as the industry is in demand and the number of applicants only increase over the time.


Now before you jump to the salary part of this, let me tell you it strongly varies upon your position and the quality of work that you are going to deliver. To be an art director one typically works from more junior roles with qualifications from an animation school. An art director holds a very high position on an animation team, and most creative staff involved on a project report directly to him or her. Not only do art directors have the final say on what footage or stills are to be included in the final cut (as well as helping to coordinate and shape the entire project), but may also be required to train junior staff and manage budgeting requirements. Not to forget the art director has to also take care of the budgetary issues.

Another field you can go for is the stop motion animator, this person looks more into the editing suite. Stop motion animation is a very laborious discipline which takes an incredible amount of skill, attention to detail and, above all, patience. What sets stop motion animators aside from traditional 2D or 3D animators is that they must also set up physical rigs, usually to specification, in which to work with the models and camera equipment before using specialist software to bring it all to life in the editing suite.

Next comes the 3D modeler who brings the characters to life from the grassroots. This person has to elevate the imagination of the creators and shape it into the form of a proper 3D model character.

In conclusion, opportunities are many all you have to do is work hard and master your skills to find an appropriate path for your skills and bring them to work.

5 Basic Principles Of Animation


Animation is a process or a technique by which a set of images is made to look in a motion. It is used in many spheres of life and has become an indispensable part of our daily routine. From movies to educational courses, it is present everywhere. One has to be certified in order to animate things. It is not an easy task or process. There are some basic concepts or principles which should be followed to make good animation. These are as follows:


1)      Squash and stretch: According to this principle, when a ball is dropped on the floor, the ball looks stretched when it is falling and seems to be squashed when it hits the ground. This proves that when one exaggerates an object in motion, the weight and volume factor comes into effect.

2)      Staging: It is another important factor which is essential for the success of animation. It is like a stage in a theatre. People are the target audiences for whom any animation is made. You have to present a scene or a character in a way that it catches the attention of the people watching it. For example, if a scene is about the hero coming on a horse with the robbers chasing him in the background, the scene should be made in such a way that the attention of the people is on the hero, rather than on the robbers. For this, the character should be kept properly in a frame and various lights and shadows should be used.

3)      Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose: Straight Ahead Action is a technique used for drawing each pose one after the other to make the flow of animation smoother. Pose to Pose is a method of planning key frames beforehand and then joining them later. They are both equally important as they make the animation look more realistic in the eyes of the viewers.

4)      Slow in and Slow Out: every human body or anyone accelerates steadily. It is that technique which is used to depict acceleration realistically.

5)      Secondary Action: It is one of the most important factor which can ruin the animation if not taken care of. Every living thing has a secondary action like blinking of eyes, movement of hands, etc. It is used to make these actions look secondary in comparison to the primary action of a person.


These are some of the principles of animation out of the 12 as given by the old stalwarts of the Walt Disney Studios. If you also want to be an animator, then you should choose Hi Tech Animation Kolkata, as it is the best place for learning animation courses. It has the best teaching staffs along with a brilliant placement record.

Animation Industry- Worth Spending On Education

 2d Animation character

The Animation industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the current industrial scenario. It is doing quite well, when it comes to the placement scenario. Animation is a process of creating a movement of objects with the help of drawings and software. It is used to create things which are not possible in real life. It is very helpful in forecasting things or looking at things and deciding how it would look in the future. For example, before constructing a building an animation of the building with the help of the proposed plan can be very beneficial, as the people can see how the building would look finally.

To be successful in the field of animation, one has to get certified from a decent institute, if not the best. This will give the student an added edge over the other competitors in the field. The number of animation aspirants is increasing day by day. It is only normal that the most deserving or the creamy layer of the students will be in high demand and they will be placed early.

animation 2d post

An institute plays a very vital role in shaping anyone`s career. A good institute will always have a good teaching staff along with a good infrastructure. Learning animation is all about creating animation along with the theory classes. A lab with all the modern facilities will facilitate the growth of the student. Now, animation is omnipresent. Gone are the days, when it was confined only to the entertainment sector. In today`s world, animation is required in the medical sector in the form of teaching students about the different shapes of the human body and also in the real estate , where the builders show the prospective buyers the final model of the proposed building using the animation software.


It can be said that animation is an industry, which is worth spending on its education. It is a rising industry, which will return the investment of a guardian with fulfilling job offers. It is growing in demand day by day. The opportunities in this field are endless. Animation has helped the mankind in many ways. With the development of mobile phones and the penetration of internet in the market, animation`s influence will only increase. So, it is very important to get certified from a good place in order to be successful in this field.

With the growing popularity of animation, the demand for the course has increased. Hi Tech animation is the only animation institute in Kolkata, which provides a good and industry relevant course. It has all the things required to be a good animation institute. What are you waiting for? Come and join.

Basics of an Animation Course


Animation is the process of creating movement by using different images. It is very helpful in creating things, which are not possible in real life. It transformed or re-shaped almost every industry. Nowadays, animation is required in newer fields like medicine and education. Animation is the trending career choice among the current generation. To become a successful animator, one has to get certified. The basics of an Animation course are:

1) The Animation course concerned should be in sync with the current industry requirement. The course syllabus should be up to date and should include all the aspect of animation in its study modules. The concerned institute should be well equipped with the latest computer system, as it plays a crucial role in the lives of animation students. The system should also have the latest software installed.

2) A good teaching faculty is a must for any course. It shapes the mind of the students in the most efficient and proper way. A good teacher also acts as a mentor to the students and guides them towards a successful career in the future. It also helps the students to about the different facets of any career.

3) A good animation course should also impart the importance of being a good team player. An animator should be a good listener and a team player, if he wants to succeed in his field. He also should be open to various ideas and should accept his failure sportingly. The course should also impart the importance of being flexible in an animation industry. One has to accept changes from the client`s side anytime.

4) Simplicity is another very important aspect of any animation related course. When a new baby is born, he learns things very slowly. Similarly, an animation course should be prepared in such a way that the slowest learner in the group should not face any difficulty in grasping the basic concept of animation. A successful course should include all the important elements of the course concerned and at the same time, it should be very simple in nature.

5) All the animation courses should also emphasize on the importance of practical works. Doing animation related work during the course tenure prepares the student to be perfect in their professional life.

The demand for animation courses in Kolkata has gone up in the last few years. Hi-Tech Animation is the best institute as it has all the basic qualities required to be a good animation institute. Its syllabus is up to date and it has a 100 % placement record. It has the best teaching faculty in the city.

How Can You Enjoy Learning Animation?


Animation is nothing but converting your imagination into reality on screen. It takes a lot of efforts to finish this task. Animation has come a long way if compared to the late 1990`s. 3D or three dimensional animation is the recent trend. Animation is required everywhere and it is not limited to one or two sectors. It has become quite in demand with the development of internet and mobiles. From hand drawn animation to the latest 3D animation, the quality of work has improved tremendously. Students are rushing to take up animation courses, but it is not an easy job to do. To enjoy learning animation, one has to keep the following points in mind:
• Creativity is the most important and foremost thing to consider. If a person is not creative or in other words he can’t think outside of the box, then animation is not suited for him. Animation requires the person to be an imaginative one who can always think of ways to improve the final work. He should never be fully satisfied with his work.
• The next step is finding the correct and best institute. You have to choose an institute keeping in mind factors such as the infrastructure, faculty members, lab for project works and the last but the most important thing the placement facilities.
• Choosing the correct animation course is another important thing to keep in mind. An animator is required in many places. He is not confined to the film industry alone. He can work as a 3D Modeler, art director, video editor or as a video games developer which is the current trending job profile in the animation industry. So, a student should choose the correct animation course, depending upon the area he intends to specialize.
• You have to be comfortable with computers as they are the mainstay of animation. Gone are the days, when animation was first hand drawn. Now, everything is done on the computer itself.
• If you are a good listener and a person who can get along well, then you are perfectly suited for the animation field. An animator should be flexible enough to accommodate any last minute changes due to any unforeseen situations like change in demand from the client side. The best work will only come out if there is perfect understanding between the team members.

Hi Tech Animation is one of the leading animation institutes in Kolkata. It has a very good track record of giving high quality of animators in the industry. The students are well guided by the experienced faculty during their course tenure. They have their own lab, where the students do their projects and get a feel of the real animation world first hand. It boasts of excellent placement record.

What Is The Future Of 3D Animation In India?

3d Modeling

India has come a long way in the field of technology in the recent years and animation is surely one of them.  The use of advanced animation has not only become a part of the film-making process, but also for other sectors. In fact, 3D animation has become one of the most used animation type in almost every industry. This gradual development of this advanced type of animation has made it clear that the future of 3D animation in India is bright.

3D animation is about developing a three dimensional effect of the objects and background on the screen with the help of different tools and animation software. The techniques needed for 3D animation can be learnt at various animation institutes, which offers 3D animation course with the latest and updated curriculum. It should help the students in enhancing their skills and make them ready to become an animation artist.



In the 100 years of Indian cinema, the technology used in the making of a film has also changed a lot. Though, we are still not at par with the 3D animation of the Hollywood, but we can reach that level someday. The recent movies Kochadaiiyaan, Delhi Safari and Chhota Bheem: Himalayan Adventure has proved that Indian cinema has come a long way in the field of technology.

The use of 3D animation is not limited to the film industry anymore. The field of architecture and interior decoration are hiring 3D animators for the development of their design in the 3d animation format. We can easily find that different types of business project and plans are also made in 3D mode. It helps them to showcase their product in a better way and grow their business.

Now, 3D gaming has become common all around the world and many users like this mode of entertainment. Indian medical institutes are also hiring 3D animators for the creation of animated operational or any other medical procedures. These developments in the field of 3D animation in India have clearly shown that its future is bright in the coming years.

3d Modeling Sucilpting

As an animation expert, you need to possess some skills and qualities which are essential for the creation of a 3D animation. You need to be creative and innovative to develop interesting things on the screen. Learning about the tools is also necessary for becoming a successful animator. Hi-Tech Animation provides various animation courses in Kolkata in which you can learn all the aspects of 3D animation. Hi-Tech also provides 100% job guarantee in top entertainment companies.

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