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Basics of 3D Modelling

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The use of 3D animation doesn’t associate only with the films anymore. Now, 3D animation has become an integral part of many industries like, advertising, 3D modelling in architecture, creating educational programs for schools, colleges,etc. This evolution in the field of 3D animation has not only increased the demand for the 3D animators, but also increased the responsibilities of the animators towards their work. Being a 3D animator, you should know about the basics of 3D animation before initiating any project. These are the things which should be kept in mind in the creation of 3D animation.

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  • Unlike 2D animation, you have to create the size, height and width of the animation to give the character a three dimensional view on the screen. You cannot just sit back and sketch a flat animation on the paper and wait for the things to happen on its own.
  • Knowing your audiences is the most important thing in the field of animation. If you are hired for the creation of 3D animation for the children, then work on the appearances of the character accordingly. For example, it should be cute and attractive enough to catch the eyes of the children, but if you are being hired for the company to develop 3D animation for the older customers, then you have to think in a different way. Analyze the mind and likes of the customers and create your animation to meet the taste of the audiences.
  • Do some research on other 3D models to get a fair idea about them and find out why are they famous? What is that thing which makes them unique from others? Why are they still ruling the hearts of the millions? You need to create a unique animation, which can attract the customers or the audiences.
  • Be different. If you really want to be a successful animator, then think out of the box and innovate some creative things which will be remembered for years.
  • Last but not the least, you must be aware of the various animation tools, which can enhance the beauty of your animation. These tools also help you in creating the animation in a lesser period of time. You must have the knowledge about the animation software, because you cannot develop your animation on the screen without the help of these tools.

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The usage of these tools can be learned from a good animation institute. Hi-Tech Animation is the institute which offers a 3D animation course in Kolkata. This institute helps the students in learning all the aspects of animation and also provide a 100% job guarantee after the completion of the course.

Creating Animals In 3D Animation

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3D animation is basically a process of creating a three dimensional model of anything. 3D animation is used in making animated movies better than before. An animated movie generally caters to children and children loves animals. So, it is but obvious that an animated movie will have different animals in it. There are many animated movies with animated animals in it.

For example, in Finding Nemo, the movie had many species of fish in it as this was a story about a fish. The creators created beautiful species of fish with a human touch to it. It was a masterpiece by the Pixar Animation studio. In How to Train Your Dragon, the dragon who was one of the main characters was created using advanced 3d animation techniques.

It is quite difficult to create animals in 3D animation. A lot of research is done before deciding on the final appearance of the concerned character. The designing or the sketching is the main part which should be carefully done in order to be as accurate as possible. The script also plays an important role in creating an animal. If the movie belongs to the genre of kids, then even a ferocious animal might look like a calm one. The appearance differs from script to script.

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Every animal has some basic features like furs, teeth and claws. These details should be carefully addressed in order to come up with the perfect result. For example, in the movie The Lion King, the lion looked real with all the features carefully addressed. The animation software is the most important tool requires in creating any animation. The animator should select the animation software before crating the animal. After that, the script plays a very important role. One should give utmost attention to the story before creating even a sketch of the character.



Later on, fine details like teeth, furs or claws should be looked into. Any animal has its basic set of physical attributes. These are the things which really define them. It makes them stand out from the rest of the species. Then comes the movement part. While creating animals, the general movement of the character should be carefully done. After finishing this part, if there is a requirement for music or any background voice, then it should be inserted.

Creating animation for different movies is the new trending career opportunity. But, one has to be certified in animation from a reputed college like Hi-Tech Animation, who provide the best 3D animation course in Kolkata. They have the best teaching staffs along with a 100% placement record.

Basics of an Animation Course


Animation is the process of creating movement by using different images. It is very helpful in creating things, which are not possible in real life. It transformed or re-shaped almost every industry. Nowadays, animation is required in newer fields like medicine and education. Animation is the trending career choice among the current generation. To become a successful animator, one has to get certified. The basics of an Animation course are:

1) The Animation course concerned should be in sync with the current industry requirement. The course syllabus should be up to date and should include all the aspect of animation in its study modules. The concerned institute should be well equipped with the latest computer system, as it plays a crucial role in the lives of animation students. The system should also have the latest software installed.

2) A good teaching faculty is a must for any course. It shapes the mind of the students in the most efficient and proper way. A good teacher also acts as a mentor to the students and guides them towards a successful career in the future. It also helps the students to about the different facets of any career.

3) A good animation course should also impart the importance of being a good team player. An animator should be a good listener and a team player, if he wants to succeed in his field. He also should be open to various ideas and should accept his failure sportingly. The course should also impart the importance of being flexible in an animation industry. One has to accept changes from the client`s side anytime.

4) Simplicity is another very important aspect of any animation related course. When a new baby is born, he learns things very slowly. Similarly, an animation course should be prepared in such a way that the slowest learner in the group should not face any difficulty in grasping the basic concept of animation. A successful course should include all the important elements of the course concerned and at the same time, it should be very simple in nature.

5) All the animation courses should also emphasize on the importance of practical works. Doing animation related work during the course tenure prepares the student to be perfect in their professional life.

The demand for animation courses in Kolkata has gone up in the last few years. Hi-Tech Animation is the best institute as it has all the basic qualities required to be a good animation institute. Its syllabus is up to date and it has a 100 % placement record. It has the best teaching faculty in the city.

Creating 3D Animation Can Be Fun


3D animation is the advanced type of animation through which a three dimensional object can be created. This form of animation has dominated the animation field right after its advent. Now, every industry prefers 3D animation over the 2D animation. The main reason behind its preference is that the work is done by computer tools which take less time and so it attracts more customers. 3D animation not only entertains the audiences, but the animators also enjoy the whole process of developing this form of animation.

Unlike other professional fields, 3D animation is not associated with doing the same stuff every day. The animators have to create some new stuff. This field is like innovating new things and finding different ways to develop an animation which can impress the audience. The job of an animator is very exciting and not monotonous. This is one of the reasons, why creating 3D animation is fun. Doing different things every day, can never make a person get bored with it and this is why animators enjoy their work more in comparison to other professionals.

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Creating a 3D animation is like finding different ways of developing three dimensional objects, because it is not necessary that the final product which an animator gives is perfect according to the client. Sometimes it happens that things don’t work out and in order to make things right, animators have to find some alternate ways to get the job done. Thus, 3D animation doesn’t only ask the animators to create new things, but also demands innovative ways, which challenges the creativity of the experts.

By challenging the animators to be innovative, the field of 3D animation is about constant learning, which keeps the mind of the experts always busy and occupied. Due to this fact, the animators never feel bored while creating a 3D animation for the audiences and they don’t feel like quitting this field. Using different and interesting computer systems and tools, a 3D animator is always looking for that perfect piece of animation which will satisfy the client`s need.

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You can also experience a good and fun filled professional life by choosing a 3D animation course. Hi-Tech Animation is one of the best institute, which offers 3D animation courses in Kolkata. This institute can be your first step towards a successful career and can help you in achieving your dream. Not only that, Hi-Tech Animation also provides 100% placement guarantee to the students, right after the completion of the course.

3D Animation: Solution For A Dream Job

3D animation is basically creating a three dimensional effect of anything on the screen. It requires a level of creativity to succeed in it. Animation has come a long way since the late 1990`s. It has developed a lot and is able to create things which was unheard of or unthinkable few years back. Everybody wants a job which is fulfilling both financially and mentally. Then only it can be called a “dream job”. 3D Animation is also called a solution for a dream job because of the following points:


  • It is a job which requires creativity. Today`s generation is turning towards newer job opportunities. They are looking for jobs which offer them creative satisfaction. 3D Animation is a field which allows you to be creative and think out of the box. This field offers job which is very fulfilling in nature.
  • The next factor is pay structure which is equally an important factor. With the increase of various 3D Animation related works, the pay too has improved significantly. It enables the animator to feel financially more secure. The animation sector has just started to grow. So, the pay will only increase in the near future.
  • One can be his own boss in the animation industry. The best thing about being in an animation industry is that it allows you to be your own boss. It is possible as you can work as a freelancer. You can do your work whenever you feel like and from your home. Freelancing in the animation industry is growing significantly.
  • Job security is another thing which every person looks into before joining an industry. Though, the competition is quite tough, the job security is there as long as you perform according to the standard set or expected. You can’t expect to survive in any job with a below par performance. With the 3D animators in demand, one can definitely be sure about the job security.
  • The future is bright and encouraging for the 3D Animators as the number of work related to this field is always increasing. Gone are the days when animation was confined to a smaller sect of the industry. Nowadays, 3D animation is required almost everywhere.
  • Last but not the least, the variety of jobs a 3D animator can do is simply amazing. He can be an art director, flash animator, video game developer, graphic designer and so on. The list is endless.


3D animation is in demand and to be a good 3D animator, you have to choose Hi Tech animation institute. They offer the best 3D animation course in Kolkata. They have their own lab where all the practical works are done. They have the best faculty members, most of whom are eminent personalities from the animation industry. They have a fantastic placement record too.

3D Animation Is Our Future- True Or False

In comparison to 2D animation, 3D animation is not only an advanced type of animation, but also one of the most in demand animation around the globe. 3D animation is about developing a three dimensional effect of the objects and background on the screen. Talking about the future of 3D animation, yes, this animation is our future and we can say that its demand will only increase in the years to come. A number of reasons are there which will prove why the future of animation is bright.


  • The use of animation has increased manifold in the film industry. As a result, the number of animated movies has also increased. The increasing demand for more movies of this genre has opened up job opportunities for the animators as well. Almost more than hundred animators are required in the making of a movie and one can easily imagine the need for the animators in a year, if there is more than one animation movie in the offering. In fact, the reason behind the increasing numbers of 3D animation movies is the audience`s demand. The demand for the 3D animation movies among the viewers has affected the demand of the 3D animators in a positive way.
  • Outsourced projects are also increasing in the film industry, which has also increased the demand for good animators. As far as the pay is concerned, the foreign companies are willing to pay a decent amount for the right candidate. India has always produced fine experts in the field of animation and their demands are increasing day by day after people are seeing their work.
  • Now, advertisement companies are hiring animators for using some animation in an advertisement. These opportunities for the animators will continue to grow in the near future.
  • After the advent of e-learning method among the educational institutions, the future of animation is looking very bright. In fact, the opportunities for the animators in the field of education are largely untapped. It has a huge potential to be a game changer. From Montessori, secondary classes to medical and management classes, the animators play an important role in the development of the e-learning process in the 3D animation format.

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These facts are clearly indicating that animation is our future for sure. Based on the opportunities in the field of animation, you can definitely choose this field for a bright future. Choose any animation course in Kolkata and be a part of this growing field.

What Is The Best Part Of 3D Animation Course?


Learning 3D animation is as interesting as it looks on the screen. 3D animation has revolutionised the whole concept of animation and is still dominating the industry with its advanced techniques.  The career opportunities in 3D animation have also increased with its growing demand in almost every media-related field and this is the reason most of the students are taking up this course for a bright future. In fact, unlike other career courses where the student’s desk is piled up with loads of books, 3D animation engages the students in the practical works.

One of the most exciting and interesting things about learning 3D animation is that you are told to create new things every now and then. Animation is all about giving your imagination a face or shape and converting it on the computer screen. There is no other thing as exciting because one can create whatever he wants with the help of different tools and software.

Most of the part of 3D animation course consists of practical works and projects, which means theory has little role to play throughout the semesters. Interacting with other classmates is also very important because while doing your projects, you need to work in groups and get the chance to blend and share your imaginations with other members of your team.

It is always intriguing and quite difficult to use different animation tools while creating three-dimensional effects of the objects and environment in a way to make it look real. 3D animation is full of opportunities to improve your creativity. The more you think out of the box, the better animator you will be. Working as a 3D animator is quite fun. You are always creating different and interesting things which are not there in the normal world. You can create anything and almost everything which can’t be dreamt of.

Last, but certainly not the least 3D animators are paid handsomely. It is quite a motivation to take up the course. 3D animation is here to stay for quite a while. It won`t become obsolete like previous animation techniques. The demand for it is only increasing day by day. People love 3D animated movies irrespective of age and gender. It is a huge market, which is still untapped to a large extent.

A number of institutes providing 3D animation courses have come up. You have to be wise in choosing the best for yourself. Hi Tech animation is one of the leading institutions with a good faculty teaching 3D animation.

For more info on 3D animation in Kolkata, visit Hitech Animation.

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