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Skills Required For A Good Video Editor

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Providing the final piece of work after editing is considered to be one of the toughest jobs, whether it is related to writing or filmmaking. Video editing is about removing the unnecessary clips and fine tuning the quality of a video. It is not always that a video editor has to work in the film industry only. From creating a song, short story, short video to advertisements, there is always a need for a good editor who can deliver the final work. Due to the responsibilities a video editor associated with, he should possess some qualities.

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  • Though, the work of editing is done in the post production, but a video editor has to work with the cameraman, director and other members from the beginning. Knowing the subject and story beforehand and giving his valuable input about any particular shot to the director, plays an essential part in the making of a video.
  • A video editor should know the subject very well before editing and keep only those video clips and shots which will help the audience to understand the whole concept well. Knowing the story and conveying the same thing to the audience is two different things. It is the good editor who can find the difference between those two things and deliver the work accordingly.
  • A video editor should know the techniques to avoid jumping off from one scene to another abruptly and breaking the continuity of a scene. A good editor should also know the way to avoid repeating the same video clips just for the sake of increasing the duration of the video.
  • Music is not a genre in which a video editor should have the expertise, but he should have the sense of inserting different music according to the demand of the scenes.
  • As mentioned earlier, a video editor should have the ability to work in a team in order to get the work done with the help of other experts. He should be a good listener.
  • Last but not the least, a video editor should be aware of the latest software and different equipment related to editing. This awareness not only saves the time, but also helps in easing the work of editing.

Video Editing

The demand for video editing in Kolkata was always there, but after the increase in the number of video related work, job opportunities have also risen in the last few years. In fact, a number of institutes are offering the course among which, Hi-Tech Animation provides the best course in video editing and 100% job placement guarantee.