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Our Projects

Hi-Tech Animation Academy is the only animation institute having its own production studio where TV shows, Bengali movies are curated. We’ve had the privilege to work in post-production projects related to many movies in our specialized and highly equipped studios. Our production studio has created content for many prestigious regional and national television shows as well as for numerous highly reputed international clients.

We’ve worked with some of the leading brands in the industry such as ABP Ananda, Zee Bangla, Rupashi Bangla, Dhoom TV, Wiki how (USA), BigJam Studio (UK), GreenGold, Kiddie TV (Australia), Arrow flyn (USA), Maya Digital and many more.

Our Projects

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  • Biorev
  • Enbiolet
  • Arrow Flyn
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  • Cacola
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  • Diva Cup
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  • Wikihow
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  • Green Gold

Hi-Tech Film & Broadcast Academy

Hi-Tech Academy is one of the leading animation institutes running successfully for 20 years. We guarantee 100% placement assistance and are one of the few institutes who have their own personnel production setup. Our curriculum is designed by VFX artist Luis Pages and it includes key concepts such as 3D animation, VFX, Film editing in details. Ours is the best institute in terms of providing knowledge in the field of animation. HI-tech academy also employs many of its graduates as employees and provides them a scope to work in institutes across the nation.