Our Course Director

Our Course Director

Hello everyone, my name is Luis Pages and I’m the founder and CEO of VFX Learning, I have been a VFX artist for the last 12 years and during my career I have been able to work in the top studios in the world, this includes Weta Digital, MPC, Framestore, ILM, Blue Sky Studios and a few others. With the amazing teams at this facilities I had the opportunity to create some of the most iconic FX sequences of the last decade, my work can be found in Avatar, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phonenix, Pacific Rim, Gravity, Ice Age the Meltdown, John Carter, The Day the Earth Stood Still and many others.

Working on all this blockbuster productions alongside the best VFX artists in the world allowed me to collect a great amount of different techniques, it gave me the chance to become a more effective and productive FX TD, and it gave a different perspective when it comes to translating the directo’s vision into elements on the screen.

For the first time in my career I will join forces with India’s very own Hi-Tech Film & Broadcast Academy, the country’s leaders when it comes to training the next generation of VFX artists. I have personally created the VFX Program at Hi-Tech with one goal in mind, to see all of you transition from students to colleagues in no time. The film industry is in desperate need of talented and resourceful artists to take on the challenges ahead. Directors are more used than ever to rely on VFX to deliver their ideas and we need to prepare for this.

We will take you from absolute beginner and with our VFX and dynamics training will get you up to speed and ready to face the day to day of a top VFX studio. We will finish the program with our world famous Case Studies, this are advance level courses that take on an FX from a high end film and recreating it in class. We will discuss shots from Harry Potter, Battleship and The Adventures of TinTin. Definitely a unique experience.

Come and join me at Hi-Tech and see it for yourselves. During your career with us you will learn all the latest techniques and procedures, our faculty at Hi-Tech has been personally trained by me and are very excited to share this knowledge with all of you.

Luis Pages

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