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Our world has developed to such a level in the field of technology that our life is not complete without it. This era of digitalisation has also increased the job opportunities for all the multimedia students. Hence, if your area of interest is in computer work, then multimedia courses can help you achieve your dream professional life. When talking about multimedia institutes in Kolkata, the list cannot be complete without the mention of Hi-Tech Animation. Hi-Tech Animation provides a number of multimedia courses.

Today, all the companies communicate online with their customers. In fact, they hire some experts to establish an uninterrupted relation with their audiences. These experts help the companies in advertising their products and maintain a healthy communication between the companies and their audiences. Thus, due to the growing demand for these experts, many students are taking up multimedia courses as a career.

Multimedia Courses offered by Hi-Tech Animation

Why Hi-Tech Animation?

Hi-Tech Animation provides one of the finest education courses in multimedia technologies. You can learn all the technical aspects of animation, graphics, video, sound and editing in this institute. The teachers are highly qualified and experienced. All the latest equipments are available in this institute which help the students in getting well equipped with all the technical aspects of digital media.

In fact, Hi-Tech Animation owns a production house, in which all the project work is done. Not only that, Hi-Tech students also get a chance to be a part of the ongoing projects in the production house. This opportunity helps the students to get familiar with the real environment of the industry and prepares them to tackle any situation which they may encounter in their career.

The mentors: All the faculty members of Hi-Tech Animation are from the film industry. The highly qualified and industry expert mentors teach the students all the important technical aspects of multimedia technologies and help them in enhancing their skills in this field.

Job Assurance: 100% job guarantee to their students is also the reason why Hi-Tech Animation is considered among the best multimedia institutes in Kolkata. All the Hi-Tech students are either placed in good places or they are working in their own production house. It provides animation to the top TV channels of West Bengal. A number of live projects need some experts to handle them. To counter this, the institute hires students during their courses for its own production house.