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Advanced Video Editing & VFX - Hitech Academy

Learn VFX And You May Win An Oscar


The work of VFX in the making of a film has become one of the most important parts around the world. Almost in every genre, whether it is romance, action or sci-fi, the film makers hire VFX artists to get the job done. From plane crashing, super heroes flying in the air to cars colliding with each other and scenes which cannot be shot in the real world, are the creations of the VFX wizards, who make those scenes possible and look real on the screen. This is the reason why, most of the film makers hire VFX artists to transform their imagination into reality.


Recent years have seen a sharp increase in the demand for VFX artists, especially in Hollywood which has given us a number of movies with outstanding VFX works. In fact, many of them have won Oscar for their unique visual effects. Some of them are Inception, Interstellar, Life of Pi, Ex Machina and Gravity. These movies are the ones which have won Oscar for their VFX works. These movies have not only entertained the audiences, but also stunned the viewers with their finest creations throughout the movie. These movies have also set a bar for others by creating extraordinary scenes, which cannot be shot in the real world. The rapid development in the field of VFX has not only contributed in enhancing the quality of a film, but also increased the demand for the experts, which eventually inspires many students to take up the VFX course for a successful career.


To meet the demand of VFX artists in Hollywood, the filmmakers have also started hiring the experts around the globe, including India, which has opened up a huge opportunity for the VFX aspirants to start a career with a big platform like Hollywood. It means that if you have a VFX degree from a reputed institute, then you can easily work with a big Hollywood studio and who knows may be win an Oscar for your work.

If you really want to grab this opportunity, then you must opt for a VFX course from a reputed institute. Searching a good institute can be an easy job if you are a resident of Kolkata, because Hi-Tech animation is one of the best institutes in town. This institution has industry experts as mentors, who guide the students and help them in learning the technical parts of the visual effects. With a history of 100% placement right after the course, this place is the best one to offer VFX course in Kolkata.