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Website Designing - Hitech Academy

Leading Web Design Company in Kolkata That Offers Opportunities

Typically a web design company in Kolkata is focused on making money and nothing more! How great it is when you come across a firm that has been able to find success with web design, animation production and editing that is also willing to instruct people in how they too can be accomplished in these areas. If you had the opportunity to learn from industry leaders you would take it and now you can. This is too good an opportunity to pass up.

Not Just Web Design

There are several fields that you can become proficient in with the right course work from the right teachers. Learning about web design, graphics design, animation and editing can easily help you to have the career that you have always dreamed of. When you have a team of instructors that have been doing what they are teaching you for many years you get a different kind of education. It is an education that is not only built on theory like you would find at the university, it is an education built on real life experience. You can learn:

All from an expert staff of instructors that have worked in the industry! The company that is offering these great opportunities is none other than Hi-Tech Animation. It is an excellent way for a company to offer something back to the community! By teaching students how to become skilled at a range of technical aptitudes the doors are being flung wide open to opportunities.

The academy offers all the equipment and software that you need to learn about the latest techniques.

The Faculty

One of the best reasons to take advantage of this opportunity is because you will be taught by some of the brightest best known people in the field. It is a huge advantage to be able to put on your resume a name of an instructor that is well known and that has well known connections in the field.

If that’s not enough

While Hi-Tech Animation does not make empty promises about placement, they will promise to help you with placement should you need it? The placement department will work diligently until you have secured employment. As a matter of fact the placement is offered as lifetime assistance. Take advantage of this opportunity today!