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Job Titles Within a Career in Animation

If you’ve always dreamed of a career in animation, you’re not alone. Visual effects and computer animation is a growing industry that is being utilized by the expanding film and television business. More audiences are demanding higher quality graphics and exciting special effects creating a demand for this kind of work. As additional and more elaborate stories are brought to life, viewers continue to be dazzled by the work that animators create for film and television. There are a variety of jobs in the animation business that students can begin to train for if they want to break into the creative industry.

3D Modeler

One type of animator is a 3D modeler. A 3D modeler creates animated three-dimensional figures or worlds from regular paper drawings. For figures, the modeler builds the character’s body and structure such as legs, arms, a head, hands and feet. Backgrounds created by a 3D modeler are carefully designed with objects, scenery and buildings to make it seem as realistic as possible. 3D modelers work in film, television and in other computer graphic industries.

Texture Artist

Another specific job for those interested in a career in animation is a texture artist. Texture artists are essentially digital painters. A texture artist takes a 3D model of a figure, item or background and adds the layers to it to make it come to life. The layers for a person can include skin, hair, and clothing. For items, the texture artist works with his or her team to paint objects so that they mimic their real life counterpart.

Lighting Technician

In an animated world, even the lighting needs to be manufactured. A lighting technician is the person who adds and tweaks lighting and color in the computer design. Once a design has been animated, the lighting technician works with the lighting department to make sure shadows are placed in the correct spot, colors match and look natural and the light complements what is going on in the scene.

Concept Artist

Additionally, if you’re seeking a career in animation, you may want to consider being a concept artist. The concept artist works with the director and writer of the film to help sketch out and create the world that the animators will design. Typically drawn on two-dimensional paper at first or planned out in a storyboard, concept art sets the tone and style of the effects that the animators will begin to complete.

Beginning a career in animation can be an exciting time. Depending on your interest and skills, your possible career could land you in one of many different types of jobs in this industry. To kick start your career in animation, contact Hi-Tech Animation today.