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How To Learn Maya


Maya is 3D computer graphics software which is used in making animated movies, video games or for special effects required in the movies and series. It is widely used software which has changed the entire visual effects industry. It has revolutionised the entire entertainment sector. It has helped the artists in coming up with better and improved quality of work. It was developed by Alias System Corporation. It is owned and developed by Autodesk, Inc.

It was originally released IRIX operating system. Maya was available in both complete and unlimited editions till August 2008. Various scenes can be stored or saved in many formats, the default being .mb (Maya D). The Node graph architecture is quite easily seen due to Maya. The final scene or the product is the result of interconnecting nodes with depending on each other`s info. Slowly, it has become an integral part of the animation industry. Graphics designing in Kolkata has attracted many students towards itself and Maya is one of the most sought after courses.


It is not an easy thing to learn. It needs proper attention and guidance. The students, who want to take up this field, should enroll in a proper institute which has all the basic facilities. It will enable the students to have an access to the latest systems and help them in learning the software easily. It has to be professionally taught. One can also learn it via various online programs. One just has to careful in choosing the best available tutorial site.

Big Hero 6

Maya is all about animation or in other words, creating something which is not in reality. It has to be the result of a person`s creativity. If the creator is not imaginative enough, then the results will not be that good. He should have his own thinking process, which will help him in creating or making stuffs which will be remembered for a long time. Gone are the days, when it was impossible to translate your imagination onto the screen. With the help of Maya, you can create almost anything, which was unheard of a few years back.  The person concerned should be a good thinker with a decent drawing technique. He has to be flexible enough to accommodate and adjust any last minute changes to the plan.