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How Can You Enjoy Learning Animation?


Animation is nothing but converting your imagination into reality on screen. It takes a lot of efforts to finish this task. Animation has come a long way if compared to the late 1990`s. 3D or three dimensional animation is the recent trend. Animation is required everywhere and it is not limited to one or two sectors. It has become quite in demand with the development of internet and mobiles. From hand drawn animation to the latest 3D animation, the quality of work has improved tremendously. Students are rushing to take up animation courses, but it is not an easy job to do. To enjoy learning animation, one has to keep the following points in mind:
• Creativity is the most important and foremost thing to consider. If a person is not creative or in other words he can’t think outside of the box, then animation is not suited for him. Animation requires the person to be an imaginative one who can always think of ways to improve the final work. He should never be fully satisfied with his work.
• The next step is finding the correct and best institute. You have to choose an institute keeping in mind factors such as the infrastructure, faculty members, lab for project works and the last but the most important thing the placement facilities.
• Choosing the correct animation course is another important thing to keep in mind. An animator is required in many places. He is not confined to the film industry alone. He can work as a 3D Modeler, art director, video editor or as a video games developer which is the current trending job profile in the animation industry. So, a student should choose the correct animation course, depending upon the area he intends to specialize.
• You have to be comfortable with computers as they are the mainstay of animation. Gone are the days, when animation was first hand drawn. Now, everything is done on the computer itself.
• If you are a good listener and a person who can get along well, then you are perfectly suited for the animation field. An animator should be flexible enough to accommodate any last minute changes due to any unforeseen situations like change in demand from the client side. The best work will only come out if there is perfect understanding between the team members.

Hi Tech Animation is one of the leading animation institutes in Kolkata. It has a very good track record of giving high quality of animators in the industry. The students are well guided by the experienced faculty during their course tenure. They have their own lab, where the students do their projects and get a feel of the real animation world first hand. It boasts of excellent placement record.