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How a Visual Effect Artist Can Change a Film

VFX or visual effects have become one of the most important part in the making of a film. We usually think that the VFX technology is used mostly in action and sci-fi movies, but it is not true. VFX is used in almost every film to make some unrealistic things look real on the screen. All the VFX works are included in the post production work, but the VFX artists have to work from the preproduction of the film to manage the background, lights and colours for those shots where the visual effects will be added.

Visual Effect or VFX is all about making the unrealistic, dangerous and financially less viable shots to look realistic on the screen. This is the beauty of a VFX artist, who makes such fictional things look real according to the demand of the film. There are different types of visual effects which are used by the VFX experts in the film. These are:

Matte painting for background: This type of effect is used for the creation of an unrealistic environment on the screen with green sheets in the background acting as a canvas for the VFX artist to showcase his prowess.

Digital animation for 3D effect: Digital animation is all about creating a three dimensional effect from the 2D aspect of an object. This type of effect is mostly used for animated and sci-fi movies.

Simulation effects for the characters: VFX artists can create a duplicate behaviour, appearance and other aspects of a character with the help of various Simulation effects.

Digital FX for the film: These types of visual effects are basically created from the still images, Photoshop and CGI for changing the background and environment of the film.

The demand for these effects in the film has increased a lot in the last few decades. Not only in films, a VFX artist has also become a part of the Television industry and advertising companies as well. Industry experts have also claimed that in the coming years, the demand for VFX designers will only increase. You can also have a prosperous career ahead by choosing an apt VFX course available in the Hi-Tech Animation.

Why Hi-Tech Animation?

Hi-Tech Animation provides the best VFX courses in Kolkata. You can get the opportunity of working with the experts from the industry in the ongoing projects of their production house and experience the real filmmaking environment as well. This institute also helps the students in getting their dream job as a VFX artist or designer.

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