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Greatest Multimedia Work In A Film In 2016

Independence Day Resurgence VFX Breakdown 1

Considering the year of 2016, there have been many great multimedia works displayed on the screen. There have been many films which have stood out as excellent and gained appreciation for their multimedia work. Films, these days don’t stand a chance to do well if it doesn’t inculcate visual effects. It won’t be wrong to say that VFX acts as the spinal cord of all the films made, even if it’s not an animated film.

There were numerous such movies but if we have to pick just any one of them it’ll be Independence Day: Resurgence. This movie is a sequel of the earlier edition of Independence Day. This film has some great VFX included in it. All the invasion scenes that we see in the film cannot happen for real, hence the magic and creativity of visual artists. We also need to acknowledge the other facets of multimedia directions that were used in this film such as editing, graphic designing, visual effects etc. This film though is the sequel was successful in getting more appreciation than the previous one. Let’s consider the critics for a more surreal reflection of this film’s multimedia work.

Independence Day Resurgence VFX Breakdown 2

A film takes the effort of visual artists, designer’s etc to get it into its present form. Now, the question arises about why it is the greatest multimedia work of 2017, the answer is because of its clarity and sharpness appealing to audience across the globe. We need to understand that a film’s work can only be validated on the basis of eyes it appeals to. Resurgence was displayed in many nations and managed to win hearts with its multimedia work every single place. Inculcating VFX in films in such a manner that it receives acclaim all over the world is no easy job for a matter of fact.

Independence Day Resurgence VFX Breakdown

We have come to this apprehension that Resurgence is a marvellous film in all its aspects. Another matter that we all need to understand that Resurgence wasn’t any animated film and yet was shown in 3D which makes another multimedia effect in the count. It has stood out all the different aspects of multimedia to make it beyond comparison to any other film that was released in the year 2016.

In conclusion let’s just refresh with the different aspects that make Resurgence a great movie. It has mind blowing visual effects, outstanding graphic designing and last but not the least breathtaking 3D version which sold tickets across the globe.