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Different types of Animation Courses and their career opportunities

One should never go for any animation course just for the sake of a degree. Decide your area of interest, before opting for the animation course. In this era of digitalization, animation has also reached a different level. Now, you can see different types of animation courses offered by various institutions.

Today, animation is one of those professional courses, which is in demand and the career opportunities are immense as well. Animation courses are not only about 3D animation. In fact, animation was also a part of communication and media before the digital revolution happened. Hence, it is necessary to decide where your heart is and what is your field of interest in animation.

Traditional animation is a type of animation, where you have to draw a series of images of an object or a model in such a way to make it look like it is moving from one place to another. Due to its time consuming nature, this type of animation is less in demand, when compared to others.

2D animation course is quite common after 3D animation. This particular type is also about drawing different environments, images, models and objects in such a way to produce a story or a message. Unlike, traditional animations, in 2D animation all the drawings are done on a computer using different software.

2D animators can be hired for animated movies or cartoons, advertisements etc. There are some companies, which hire 2D animators as their graphic designer, to execute the plans and processes of marketing and advertising of their brand or products. While some government organisations also hire 2D animators, to convey their messages through animation. Other job opportunities include colleges, educational institutes and universities where you have to explain the syllabus through graphics and animations. Medical institutes are also a place to work for, where you can illustrate surgical instructions with the help of animations.

Last but not the least, if your area of interest is beyond all the above-mentioned animation categories, then, you can become a 3D animator. 3D animation is all about creating a three- dimensional effects of almost everything, from different sceneries to models on the screen. Though this animation requires a lot of dedications and efforts, job opportunities are immense in this field.

With the growing demand of 3D animations in films, television and advertisements, you will be spoilt for choices while selecting job offers. But it doesn’t mean that you can only work with entertainment media, there are many companies which hire a 3D animator as a graphic designer in order to be able to communicate better with the target audience.

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