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What if I tell you that all multimedia courses or designing courses can be done under one roof? Yes, you heard it right! Hi-Tech Animation is the place, where you can learn different types of designing courses related to the digital world.

Hi-Tech Animation offers high quality web designing, graphic designing, animation, VFX and multimedia courses. From the learning environment, infrastructure to learning process and syllabus, this institute is one of the leading institutes in town. Given below is the list of courses offered by them :

  • Web Designing Course: In this course, the students are taught, how to select font types, sizes and colours of a website. From enabling the students in creating a website’s logo to other technical aspects of a company like product packaging, branding and executing the advertising strategy, Hi-Tech Animation teaches all the nuances of web designing.
  • Graphic designing course: Hi-Tech Animation offers different types of graphic designing courses. Whether your area of interest is printing and publishing or your career options are from the digital world, you can opt for this course. In addition, courses like Editorial designing, Navigational designing etc. are also taught here.
  • Animation course: This course basically involves 2D-3D Animation, Traditional Animation, Motion Graphics and Stop Motion etc. This course teaches all the techniques about two dimensional or three dimensional effects of an object. Motion Graphic teaches the students to assemble different objects, pictures, languages in such a way to produce a story. Whereas, in Stop Motion, students learn the techniques to assemble a series of motion of a model and digitalize it on the screen.
  • VFX course: There are certain things which are impossible or too dangerous to capture in the real world. VFX learning is all about creating a background or an environment which cannot be captured in the real shot. Hi-Tech Animation offers good quality of VFX courses. In this course, students are taught to create an imaginary world. All the practical works are done in an environment which is similar to a film set and the students are prepared to tackle any VFX demands.
  • Multimedia Courses: A Multimedia course is all about learning text, graphics, sound, animation, and video. Advanced learning process is the key element of Hi-Tech Animation.

Latest software, experienced mentors, advanced learning techniques is the speciality of Hi-Tech Animation.

For more information log on to: http://www.hitechanimation.com/