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Creating Animals In 3D Animation

3d anmation dog

3D animation is basically a process of creating a three dimensional model of anything. 3D animation is used in making animated movies better than before. An animated movie generally caters to children and children loves animals. So, it is but obvious that an animated movie will have different animals in it. There are many animated movies with animated animals in it.

For example, in Finding Nemo, the movie had many species of fish in it as this was a story about a fish. The creators created beautiful species of fish with a human touch to it. It was a masterpiece by the Pixar Animation studio. In How to Train Your Dragon, the dragon who was one of the main characters was created using advanced 3d animation techniques.

It is quite difficult to create animals in 3D animation. A lot of research is done before deciding on the final appearance of the concerned character. The designing or the sketching is the main part which should be carefully done in order to be as accurate as possible. The script also plays an important role in creating an animal. If the movie belongs to the genre of kids, then even a ferocious animal might look like a calm one. The appearance differs from script to script.

animation lion

Every animal has some basic features like furs, teeth and claws. These details should be carefully addressed in order to come up with the perfect result. For example, in the movie The Lion King, the lion looked real with all the features carefully addressed. The animation software is the most important tool requires in creating any animation. The animator should select the animation software before crating the animal. After that, the script plays a very important role. One should give utmost attention to the story before creating even a sketch of the character.



Later on, fine details like teeth, furs or claws should be looked into. Any animal has its basic set of physical attributes. These are the things which really define them. It makes them stand out from the rest of the species. Then comes the movement part. While creating animals, the general movement of the character should be carefully done. After finishing this part, if there is a requirement for music or any background voice, then it should be inserted.

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