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Advanced Video Editing & VFX

2017- The New Age For Visual Effects In Movies


5 Cult Movies Famous For Vfx Work

Fantastic Planet

Is Virtual Reality The Next Era Of Movies


Why Virtual Reality Is So Important In Hollywood Films Now

Virtual reality is the upcoming

Is Virtual Reality The Next Era Of Movies

Virtual reality is the new trend which is taking the industry by storm. Many a films in today’s times and to be statistically accurate almost all the films are created in virtual reality. The movies

The VFX Story Of Star Trek

The Star Trek TV and film ser

3 Hollywood Movies Using Virtual Reality Successfully

In the upcoming age of digital media virtual reality is gaining quick ground and many a Hollywood movies tend to use it for their post production. There are many movies whose remake was done in the vi

3 Toughest Tasks Of Video Editing

Video editing is the proc

What A Good VFX Course Can Offer You?

Visual effects is one of

Greatest Multimedia Work In A Film In 2016