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2D & 3D Animation - Hitech Academy

Build a career in 2D and 3D Animation

Digital media has evolved remarkably in the recent years. We live in a world, where our life has become totally dependent on technology. We can’t even think about a day in our life without our phones, laptops and other gadgets. And have you ever realized how much animation contributed to these gadgets? If yes, then you can easily understand the reason behind the growing demand for it. In fact, if you are planning to build your career in animation, then you should choose either 2D or 3D animation courses.

Before you decide, which course is better for you, let me explain in detail about these animation courses and their career opportunities. 2D animation is all about drawing a set of images of an object or a model in order to produce a story on the computer. This animation course is not only about drawing a picture on the computer screen, but also about creating an illusion which appears to be live and real on screen.

Some students think that they can work only in entertainment segments, relevant only to animations and cartoons, but that’s not true. You can also be a graphic designer or an educational illustrator in different organisations and can earn handsome money.

3D animation is an advanced level of 2D animation. This animation is all about learning the techniques of creating a three dimensional effect of almost everything, from background to models and objects. In fact, this course teaches you how to set the camera and background, in order to manage the sceneries, background colour, objects and models on the screen. Latest software and different techniques need a lot of efforts and dedication in this course.

A lot of places are up for grabs in the film industry or entertainment media for the 3D Animators. The reason behind this increase in demand is the increasing number of 3D movies and cartoons. Your career opportunity as a 3D animator is not limited to entertainment field only. There are some organisations or companies, which can hire you for graphic designing as well as for other creative positions in their company.

Now, a question must have popped up in your mind that from where to become a 2D or a 3D animator? A good institute is necessary for anyone, who has a dream of making a career in animation. Hi-Tech Animation can provide you the opportunity to learn the advanced and latest software used in the animation world. This institute promises 100% job guarantee right after the course completion. This institution helps you to build and sharpen your skills in animation. To get enrolled and for more information, log on to http://www.hitechanimation.com/