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Animation Course and Its Details

Planning a career in animation or digital media? Then, a good animation course can prove to be very helpful in finding a foothold in the animation world. The growing demand of pictures with special effects makes animation courses a must for every student, who wants to be a part of advanced media. Given below is all the information you need to know about an animation course :

Before going into details, it is necessary to make it clear what an Animation course is. Well, an animation program is all about learning the different techniques to enhance the animation quality and put extra effects on that. Complete course details are as follows:

Educational qualification and duration: Any student who has passed the 12th standard can opt for an animation course. It doesn’t require any particular educational qualification, only a degree with basic computer is mandatory. The duration of the course varies upon the level of the courses. There are some institutes which offer certificate courses, 2 years and also 4 years of masters degree. The advancement of the course depends on the duration of the program. Thus, 4 years of the computer animation program is the advanced level of this course.

There are different types of animation programs which are as follows:

Traditional Animation: This type of animation involves drawing by hand and with the help of a series of sketches, the object moves from one place to another. This form of animation is now less in demand because of the advent of other advanced animation techniques.

2D Animation: This type of animation is created by a two dimensional environment and with the help of 2D bitmap and vector graphics. In this type of animation program, students learn how to move a picture from one point to another. Adobe Photoshop, Flash, After Effects and Encore are the software used in this course.

3D Animation: A 3D Animation course is all about learning the techniques to add 3 dimensional effects on the model created on the computer screen. In 3D animation, students also learn how to adjust or add some extra light or colour on the screen. Career opportunities are very high in this animation genre.

Motion Graphics: In this type of animation course, students learn the techniques to combine the pictures, animation, language or different elements and move it accordingly to tell the story on screen.

Stop Motion: Stop motion animation course is that type of animation in which students learn to combine a series of frames of an object and move in such a way, as if the object is moving on its own. This type of animation is often used in puppet shows.

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