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5 Tips To Be A Good VFX Artist


VFX are combination of processes used to film unrealistic scenes for a movie. It has become an integral part of the filmmaking process. Gone are the days, when the action scenes looked fake to the eyes. Nowadays, filmmakers are able to shoot scenes which were unimaginable a few years back. It is all possible due to the advent of VFX in the industry. Now, one can shoot scenes in a studio in Mumbai, while making it look as if that particular scene happened on the moon or in the jungles of the Amazon.

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Being a VFX artist is no mean thing. It is a difficult process. Given below are 5 tips to become a good VFX artist:

  • A VFX work aspirant needs to be creative to succeed in the concerned field. In the film industry, you have to be creative or innovative every time. A VFX artist is required to think out of the box or in other words, he needs to imagine different things related to the storyline. He needs to come up with ideas which will keep the audiences hooked on.
  • Patience is another important quality which is needed to have a successful VFX career. A person needs to have a calm and cool head while dealing with the clients and their demands. He has to be accommodating enough to accept any last minute changes in the story line. He should be a good listener and should take into account every other person`s advice.
  • He should be a team player who can work easily with the whole crew. He should have no problem in taking orders from his superiors. He should take negative feedback wholeheartedly. He should listen to ideas from any other sources.
  • A good institute is very vital for any career choice. A good VFX artist should have a relevant degree from a good and reputed institute. This will enable him in getting an internship at a good place and then later on a full time job after the completion of the course. Before becoming a VFX artist, he should choose an institute with good faculty and at least a decent placement record.
  • Lastly, practice is the thing which will help the most in making a VFX artist successful. Practice will increase the thinking and imaginative capabilities of the VFX artist. The more a VFX person will practice, the more he will be successful.

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VFX courses are the latest trending thing among the today`s generation. But, one has to be pretty careful while a choosing an institute for it. HI Tech Animation is the best choice for VFX courses in Kolkata, as they have good faculty and a very good placement record. They have their own production lab, which is very rare.