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5 Tips For Learning 3D Animation


In order to learn 3d animation you must be accepting of the fact that it is one of the most creative and subtly innovative field one can opt for. You need to keep the following tips in mind before you set on the path for learning animation. These are 5 quick tips that you need to consider for learning animation.

Build up your drawing and animation skill

The first and most important on the list is to begin keeping a sketchbook! The sketchbook is an exercise that will build up your skills regardless of what aspect of animation that you are interested in.  You’ve probably never had to do this before but in case of animation you’ll need to learn basic artistes of drawing and designing with hand.

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Get a head start on some animation exercises that you will most likely be doing first in animation school

Start with the Bouncing Ball tutorial since it is the exercise that just about every school will give you to get used to the animation principles of squash and stretch, timing, spacing, volume, and arcs. Start out doing the exercise in 2d animation, to learn the foundations of the animation principles and not have the interface of a 3d package to distract you from the performance. In this manner when the elements of the course are introduced to you, it won’t be a newbie and you won’t feel like a stranger to the course.

 Watch animation films

I’m not asking you to watch just good animation films. Instead watch all kinds of animation films of all the different genres in that way you will be able to understand the craft well and finer manner. First and foremost analyzing the story. At the end of the day, all animation is a means to tell a story that could not be told in live action. The way where it is stated that you can’t write good if you don’t read good similarly you can’t make good animation movies if you don’t watch good animation movies. Observation is the key to creating better.

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 Stay Updated

The animation industry though is very vast in terms of its job and other inhibitions but when it comes to addition of projects and installments of new technologies there is never a setback. You need to be socially active to know what’s going on in the world of animation. Doing that you’ll be more perfected in the field.

 Be individualistic

It is important that you have your own individual and monotonous ideas to pursue the field further. Already a lot has been done in this field and you must work towards doing more with your own capabilities. Remember that you can never succeed in this particular field if you continue to trace on other’s work and established teachings.

In the end you must know that 3D animation is one of the most progressed field in the whole industry. You can pursue a very successful career in 3D animation by taking up a good animation course from a reputed institute.