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5 Must Have Skills of an Animation Artist

Rome was not built in a day, neither were the extraordinary animation effects of The Lion King, Fantasia, Bambi and many more animated movies. We all know that it takes 24 frames per second to create a movement of an object. Animation is an art which requires a lot of inherited as well as learned technical skills to develop an animated story on the screen. A successful Animator should possess some extraordinary skills in order to produce some innovative and exciting works in the field of animation. The 5 must have skills of an animator are:

  • Innovative thinker: This is one of the most important qualities of an animator. If you can’t think out of the box, then you can’t see the things in reality. A good animator can see the same world from quite a few different angles. He should have the quality to analyze every single moment of a person and also even watch or observe non-living things around him.
  • Patience: An animator thinks about a character in his mind before finally sketching it. Sometimes it happens that it takes months in converting your imagination into reality. An Art director can also reject your hard work in a second, but you need to keep calm and try to find that particular angle which is missing in your work.
  • An Excellent Cartoonist: You cannot be an animator if you cannot draw a thing on paper. You have to be an excellent artist when it comes to drawing your imagination, otherwise, no one will appreciate your work. A person lacking in drawing skills will never become an animation creator.
  • Team Player: A good animation is not only the work of a single animator. It takes a lot of efforts from various sources to produce a series of animation. From an art director, background designer, sound artist, storywriter to visual artists, it requires the effort of the whole team to produce a complete animation movie or series.
  • Should Know The Technical Aspects: Apart from possessing some natural skills, you cannot become an animator without full knowledge about the technical aspects of animation. There are many steps which you need to learn in animation software in order to have complete knowledge about animation. These technical aspects can only be acquired by formal education through specified animation courses in an institute, where you can start your career as an animator. Hi-Tech Animation is the place where you can learn all the technical aspects of animation with the help of experienced and highly qualified faculties.

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