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5 Do’s and Don’ts of a video editor

Video editing is a very important and complex process of choosing the best clips among the whole video shot and arranging or editing it to make the perfect or desired video. Video editing is considered to be the most difficult part of post-production and requires a lot of efforts. There are some guidelines which should be followed by an editor to get the work done. These are:

  1. Do: It is necessary to understand your subject beforehand while editing. If your subject is about a river, then start the video from the adjacent places, then elaborate your video on the river and its characteristics. Making your audiences aware about the subject is important.
  2. Don’t: Don’t just start and end the video abruptly; otherwise the audiences won’t understand your intention and purpose of the video.

  3. Do: Always keep in mind that the length of a particular scene should be compact. Don’t make your audiences feel bored with the repetitive shots. Try to maintain a time limit as a too lengthy video can play a spoilsport in your story.
  4. Don’t: Don’t try to jump from one scene to another. Try to maintain a flow by sequencing different shots so that your viewers cannot find any flaw in your story. Don’t overlook the props and other objects in the background.

  5. Do: A video maker has the ability through which he can enhance the beauty of the video. It is the responsibility of an editor to make the video perfect by editing its colour, background and other props in the post-production.
  6. Don’t: Never add unnecessary music or extraordinary effects in the video. Going against the demand of the video can only lead you to a disaster.

  7. Do: You have to know the story from the audience’s point of view, because they weren’t present in the making of the video. The emotions of the actors, the situation and the background should be developed in such a way that the narrative looks crystal clear on the screen.
  8. Don’t: Never go off the track from the storyline of the video and create a different scenario which has nothing to do with the main plot. Don’t make unnecessary amendments against the demand of the story.

  9. Do: Edit your video with the help of technical support and different software which you have learned during your video editing courses. Taking these support can make your task easier.
  10. Don’t: Never ignore the technical aspects of editing. This will only ruin your efforts and the quality of the video.

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