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3D Animation Is Our Future- True Or False

In comparison to 2D animation, 3D animation is not only an advanced type of animation, but also one of the most in demand animation around the globe. 3D animation is about developing a three dimensional effect of the objects and background on the screen. Talking about the future of 3D animation, yes, this animation is our future and we can say that its demand will only increase in the years to come. A number of reasons are there which will prove why the future of animation is bright.


  • The use of animation has increased manifold in the film industry. As a result, the number of animated movies has also increased. The increasing demand for more movies of this genre has opened up job opportunities for the animators as well. Almost more than hundred animators are required in the making of a movie and one can easily imagine the need for the animators in a year, if there is more than one animation movie in the offering. In fact, the reason behind the increasing numbers of 3D animation movies is the audience`s demand. The demand for the 3D animation movies among the viewers has affected the demand of the 3D animators in a positive way.
  • Outsourced projects are also increasing in the film industry, which has also increased the demand for good animators. As far as the pay is concerned, the foreign companies are willing to pay a decent amount for the right candidate. India has always produced fine experts in the field of animation and their demands are increasing day by day after people are seeing their work.
  • Now, advertisement companies are hiring animators for using some animation in an advertisement. These opportunities for the animators will continue to grow in the near future.
  • After the advent of e-learning method among the educational institutions, the future of animation is looking very bright. In fact, the opportunities for the animators in the field of education are largely untapped. It has a huge potential to be a game changer. From Montessori, secondary classes to medical and management classes, the animators play an important role in the development of the e-learning process in the 3D animation format.

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These facts are clearly indicating that animation is our future for sure. Based on the opportunities in the field of animation, you can definitely choose this field for a bright future. Choose any animation course in Kolkata and be a part of this growing field.