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2D & 3D Animation - Hitech Academy

3D Animation Company In Kolkata

The field of animation has drastically evolved in the recent years and 3D animation is the perfect example of an advanced animation. The demand for 3D animation in entertainment media has increased a lot in the recent times. In fact, its demand has also been felt in Kolkata. Today, you will find a number of animation companies providing 3D animation services in Kolkata. But, very few of them can provide you with quality education along with valuing your money. Hi-Tech Animation is one of the leading 3D Animation Companies in Kolkata.

It takes a lot of effort and concentration in developing three dimensional effects of everything and making them look real on the computer screen. Hi-Tech Animation is the place where you can learn different aspects of 3D animation. Due to its growing demand in the film industry and other companies, many students are taking up 3D animation courses to pursue it as a career. Hi-Tech Animation helps the students achieve their dream career in the field of animation.

Hi-Tech Animation
have their own production house and all the projects are carried out in their production house only. Thus, you can be a part of live projects of animation during the course and get the opportunity to experience an environment similar to the real film environment. It helps the students to get familiar with the technology or software used. It also prepares the students well for their future.

Another reason why Hi-Tech Animation is one of the best 3D Animation Companies in Kolkata is that the faculty members are from the film industry, who guide the students to master all the techniques of 3D animation. They guide the students in different projects and practical works and enhance their skills by sharing their experiences in 3D animation.

As far as the placement is concerned, Hi-Tech Animation doesn’t make fake commitments. It provides 100% job assistance. Not only that, Hi-Tech Animation provides animation to leading channels like ABP Ananda, Zee Bangla, Rupashi Bangla, Dhoom Music, Siti Channel etc. As there are many ongoing projects in the entertainment world, it requires 3D animators. As a result, most of the students are hired by the company for its own production house.

From imparting quality education on 3D animation to preparing the students according to the need of current industry, Hi-Tech Animation is the right place where you can start your dream career with the help of the best mentors. Be a part of this company and start your dream career in animation. For more information, log on to http://www.hitechanimation.com/