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2D & 3D Animation - Hitech Academy

2D Animation Courses

2D animation is one of the latest and advanced type of animation. This animation is basically all about developing two dimensional effect of images, objects and environment with the help of a series of images, in order to create a story or a movie. Though 3D animation has dominated the digital media in recent times, but the importance of 2D animation hasn’t died down yet. In fact, there are some companies or film production houses, which prefer to use 2D animation instead of 3D animation. Thus, the demand for 2D animation courses is still there.

Initially, 2D animation was limited to the traditional type of animation. It means all the drawings were done on papers and then uploaded to the computer. But with the advent of latest software, all the work from drawing images, objects and background to creating the two dimensional effect, are now done on the computer. 2D animation course teaches you how to use the latest techniques of animation on the screen effectively.

2D animation courses teaches you about the latest software like Photoshop, Flash Animation, Cartoon Animation, Visual Designing and their importance in the making of animation. In this course, you can learn how to combine different sets of images and objects and make it look real on the computer screen at the rate of 24 or more frames per second. This course enables students to understand the importance of visual communication, animation and effects, and how to use those techniques to make the concept real and live on the computer screen.

You can apply for this course after your 12th exams. The duration of this course varies depending upon the level chosen. You can choose from a 6 months of fast track course to a 4 years of advanced level course. If you want to learn every aspect of 2D animation, then you should go for the advanced level 2D animation course.

The job opportunities are immense in this field. You can work with the director, animation supervisor of the film industry and can assist them in creating different characters on the screen. In fact, you will be spoilt for choices with different types of jobs available in the animation industry.

A good institute which can give wings to your dream career is a must, if you want to succeed in the 2D animation sector. Hi-Tech Animation provides the best syllabus in 2D animation, as they teach the latest techniques of 2D animation. Hi-Tech Animation has experienced and excellent faculty members and they are equipped with the latest software, which helps the students to excel in their professional careers. For more information, visit: http://www.hitechanimation.com/